what's YOUR style?

 my thought is that seasonal decorating isn't a departure from your 'everyday' decor.
it builds on it.
whatever your style is, there's room to add fresh new details with every season.
whatever your color scheme is, you can celebrate any season with those colors.

not sure about exactly what you like?
here's an easy place to start:
head over to SPROOST and take their decorating quiz here

i took this quiz in 2010, and i just took it again today.
amazing how my own style preferences have changed! (and that, to me, is a good thing....)

in 2010, i was pegged as:
40% Rustic Revival
40% Nantucket Style
20% Cottage Chic

in 2012, my style is described as:
43% French Eclectic
43% Cottage Chic
14% Hollywood Couture

[image from sproost.com]

did you take the quiz?
share your results in a comment! 


  1. 1/3 each of Wine Country, French Eclectic, and Mountain Lodge. No matter how you slice it, they all go good with wine....:)

  2. I love that two of the most wonderfully inspiring women I know posted their results! <3