Haunted Halloween Inspiration

There are so many spots on the 'net to find inspiration for Halloween...
I thought I'd share a few of my online favorites with you!

Better Haunts and Gardens
Now, I am all about doing things on a budget here at HOMEWARDfound...
but this site truly celebrates the unsung heroes of 'Over the Top' Decor!

"Developed out of the love of all things Halloween and the need to highlight the efforts of Home Haunters around the world, Better Haunts and Gardens aims to pay respect to the amateur haunter who usually does not receive any kind of notariety for their work.
Better Haunts and Gardens is in no way affiliated with Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, bhg.com, Meredith Corporation or any of their affiliates."

website . facebook

Dave Lowe Design
 I've been following Dave's blog for years because of his great use of 'found' objects in his displays
and the way he ferrets out super cheap resources.
His entire year is spent preparing for the gigantic Halloween displays he sets up in his front yard.
Dave is a set designer for Nickelodeon and his Halloween decor 'accomplice' is his pre-teen niece, Devin.

His displays and creations are decidedly creepy-fun and entertaining....
Here's one:

Do I need to say anything more???! You could do this!!!

Dave's blog . Dave's interview on Better Haunts & Gardens


Roger's Gardens 
Blackstone Manor

This is a photo that I snapped at Roger's Gardens Nursery in Newport Beach  California.
(yes, it's a PLANT nursery. also home & outdoor decor and furnishings)
Each year, the visual team of WIZARDS there creates a Halloween HOUSE.
'Blackstone Manor' has ROOMS filled with delightfully ghoulish merchandise and ideas galore.
This photo is the grand dining room, all set for a party.

I know what you're thinking
I thought the same thing when I saw it.
It reminds you of THIS, doesn't it?
 [ the Grand Hall /Ballroom set, in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion ]
My uncle Don was an electrician on this attraction when it was built. 
I know how they make the 'ghostly guests' appear ;0)

The visual team at Roger's Gardens is as highly skilled as the Imagineer team at Disney.
View several blog entries by the designers/stylists, with behind-the-scenes photos
of Blackstone Manor's displays as they came to life. GREAT IDEAS!!!

'behind the curtain' blog

Speaking of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion...


this site about Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction includes photos, videos, archival material and interviews with original Imagineers, giving you behind-the-scenes secrets
and a SLEW of creative inspiration for Haunted Halloween decor...
and if you read through it, you'll know how they make the 'ghostly guests' appear, too ;0) 



Do you have a go-to site online for Haunted Halloween inspiration?
Share the link in the comments!

"Hurry Baaaaa-ack.... I'm DYING to share more Halloween decor with you!"


  1. Great post... DD will be excited to hear about the Haunted House website and how fun that your uncle worked there!

    I've followed Dave for quite some time too... wouldn't you love to be able to go trick or treating on his street?


  2. Tracy, now that I live in Southern California again, I am thinking that I will email Dave and ask him if I can come over before Halloween to see his setup ;0) I'm sure his street is VERY busy on All Hallow's Eve!

  3. I think people should bring HIM the treats. he he Looking forward to seeing what he cooks up this year... if he has the time! :)

  4. thanks for sharing.