Share Your Inspiration Boards!

Welcome to Day 8!

 remember back BEFORE Pinterest?
when we actually made real pinboards and inspiration boards?
[like, out of real STUFF?!]

you saw several versions of my inspiration boards in my past posts on Office Organization.
they are something i use every day to inspire me, both personally and professionally.
projects and plans get one, ideas get one, each month gets one,
and each season gets one... and i am constantly adding to them.

what do i put on them?
tearsheets from magazines, biz cards and hangtags from stores & shows,
vintage ribbons and bows and jewelry, natural elements from outside,
color chips and fabric swatches, quotes and images from books...

i'll use anything that catches my eye and illustrates a concept or idea.
[in the design industry, they are often called 'mood boards']

the image shown above is of a mood board that i made YEARS AGO,using both 'real' and digital elements.
my Pinterest board for February is all about hearts. 

and since Valentine's Day is all about LOVE,
I'd love to see YOUR inspiration boards!
whether they are on your facebook page or blog or on Pinterest...

i invite you to share your links to your inspiration boards 
with the 2100+ followers of the HOMEWARDfound facebook Page
in the comments on today's post on


[click button above for link to the HOMEWARDfound facebook page,
and look for the image shown at the top of this post to share YOUR link!]

and you can, of course, share them in comments on this blog post, too!

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