a fresh face for april

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happy april!

i'm busily giving myself a fresh face for april.
oh, wait - that doesn't mean what you might think it does!

i'm simply changing graphics here on the blog and facebook page,
reflecting the freshness of spring blooming in the garden.

i really enjoy creating a new look with images and graphics each season
[if you need help doing that, check out the info here]
 because to me, my online 'decor' is just as important as the decor in the rooms of my home...

how about you?
when was the last time you changed your facebook profile or page picture, or banner image?
what about your blog banner?

it's the perfect time of year to swap out a photo or two...
think of it as a Spring Makeover on the cheap ;) 

coming up in wednesday's post:
ready for Spring Cleaning?
i'll share a FABULOUS 2-Day MAKEOVER of a garden shed
without spending a cent!

  for more decorating ideas for every season,
  visit the HOMEWARDfound blog 
and these social networking sites:


  1. What a pretty and inspiring banner! I do need to update mine. Maybe after I get some spring decorating done. Spring comes late here, and I've been too busy to get at it. Soon though!



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