Watering Can Palooza!

Two years ago, I saw this absolutely adorable idea in person.
It stopped me in my tracks...
not because it's CUTE or SMART or translatable into many styles
[can you just IMAGINE this done with galvanized watering cans
on the ends of all of your downspouts?!]

but because of the SCALE:

They are HUGE!!!
 That's a warehouse door in the left photo, and a 'person' door in the right photo, folks...
which means that the 'cute little watering cans' 
are actually about half the size of a PERSON!

These are attached at the ends of the downspouts 
on three sides of an industrial warehouse on a historic waterfront in Washington state.
[located at the end of Commercial Avenue in Anacortes,
across from the old Port Building where I hosted an antique show...]

There are SO many amazing things 
that creative people out there
are doing with simple watering cans...
[regular size ones, not gargantuan ones!]

Here are some images I found during a Pinterest search
and there are plenty of ideas to get you started!

Make Into a Fountain!


from http://pinterest.com/pin/365776800955405991/
[it credits 'google' as the image source :( ]

Give 'Em a New Job!

Fill With Flowers!

Turn Them Into Something Else!


Use As a Purse?
 ... erm, no..... just buy one of these FAB purses from UrbanGardens instead!

of course, you could always use them to water your flowers....

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