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The Colors of Summer

This photo (that I snapped on Wisconsin's lovely Lake Geneva last spring) 
contains the bright, clear colors that make me think of summer decorating and entertaining....
Red * White * Blue
and a little bit of green, yellow, and tan.
 You know, for years, I've lived with a neutral palette... tan, white, cream, and silver...
in my home and also in the products I created and sold at vintage shows.
I loved the calm, peaceful mood they evoke,
 and the way that even the smallest details stand out in a pale palette.

Every once in awhile, though, the desire to create something colorful would come over me,
and the result would be a product line that looked like this:
Furnishings and decor created from salvaged materials in the summer color palette of 
 Red * White * Blue
I'd create the booth design and displays with color in mind,
and the result would look a bit like this at a show or in a store:
at our Retreat space in Poppyseeds, Stanwood, WA

At the BarnHouse Marketplace in Battle Ground, WA

Original products shown here were created in 2008 - 11 by myself and my late husband 
for our former vintage business in the Pacific Northwest, 'Retreat'.

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