The Colors of Summer

This photo (that I snapped on Wisconsin's lovely Lake Geneva last spring) 
contains the bright, clear colors that make me think of summer decorating and entertaining....
Red * White * Blue
and a little bit of green, yellow, and tan.

 You know, for years, I've lived with a neutral palette... tan, white, cream, and silver...
in my home and also in the products I created and sold at vintage shows.
I loved the calm, peaceful mood they evoke,
 and the way that even the smallest details stand out in a pale palette.

Every once in awhile, though, the desire to create something colorful would come over me,
and the result would be a product line that looked like this:

Furnishings and decor created from salvaged materials in the summer color palette of 
 Red * White * Blue
I'd create the booth design and displays with color in mind,
and the result would look a bit like this at a show or in a store:

at our Retreat space in Poppyseeds, Stanwood, WA

At the BarnHouse Marketplace in Battle Ground, WA
Original products shown here were created in 2008 - 11 by myself and my late husband 
for our former vintage business in the Pacific Northwest, 'Retreat'.

Update november 2014:
Many people are visiting this post from images shared on Pinterest...
here's more info for you:

Yes, the red table is a door. The back of the red 'hall tree' is a door.
My husband Bob called those 'Butler Tables'.
(and both red doors are the original paint finish)
The door on the blue cabinet is an old window.
The table top next to the blue cabinet was an old peely wood door.
The white table top was made from old fence boards.

That's what our business was all about: making old stuff new again.

Glad you like the ideas ;)

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