One LAST Sneak Peek!

 I was very surprised to learn that my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins 
have been published in the November issue of Romantic Homes Magazine!

[and no, that red oval announcing my pumpkins' inclusion is NOT on the actual cover!]

I'd like to offer my gratitude to writer Beth Livesay and photographer Susan Frick,
for including my lil' product in this issue.

Now, on to
 that super dooper sneak peek  
of my BRAND NEW PRODUCT for the Holiday season
that I promised to share with you today!

 I am thrilled to share these new creations with you...
They were inspired by my pumpkins
and some Christmas decor that my daughter Bethany and I made together [SEVEN years ago]
and a few nudges from my mom... she kept suggesting this idea, and I repeatedly balked at it.
"I don't want to be a one-hit wonder and just make things from SWEATERS!"
was my constant argument.

I finally (wisely) got to the point where I realized
"Oh, for Heaven's Sake, Deb... when life hands you sweaters, USE THEM! "

... and I did:

Made with vintage and vintage-inspired components,
 these Original Sweet Sweater Snowmen will warm up any room...
I'll have all of the snowmen, women, and babies shown PLUS a few MORE
[ some are tiny, some are HUGE, and they are all one of a kind! ] 
TODAY ONLY at Glitterfest!
10 AM - 4 PM . Anaheim, California

I'll be making more of them and will be selling them here on the blog after Halloween...
Which means the HOMEWARDfound workshop will be switching over from pumpkins to snowmen!
If you want pumpkins, order them before it's too late!

Order the ORIGINAL Sweet Sweater Pumpkins HERE
- now in FIVE colors, including PINK!

for more decorating ideas for every season,
  visit the HOMEWARDfound blog
and these social networking sites:


  1. Congrats on the article! Your snowmen sweaters are TOO CUTE!!!!

  2. I have lots of sweaters and tons of vintage buttons. Any chance you will offer a tutorial for the snowmen...so adorable. Would love to give as gifts. Thanks.

    1. Hon, I haven't even put the snowmen up for sale yet! Sorry, but no, I am not going to offer a tutorial on the products I sell anymore... I have to make a living, too ;) But my prices on them will be very reasonable, so they'll be perfect gifts for you to give.


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