Make Magnets from FREE Stamp Images!

Here's one last Holiday craft project and gift idea for you...
and it's okay if your budget is gone, because this is a FREEBIE!

When you make your last (last last last) run to the post office to ship gifts this week,
grab a few copies of the FREE Philatelic catalogs on the counters there...
they are filled with the current and upcoming stamp designs
that make GREAT art supplies!

Check out some of the Christmas stamp images in the current catalog:
 The images are generously sized (bigger than actual stamps), colorful, and very clear... 
I used the following images in my magnet examples:
Find images of stamps you like - then cut them out of the catalog.
Cut clean and neat, keeping the edges close to the artwork and straight.
"neatness counts", just like our kindergarten teachers taught us ;)

 Then use a glue stick or double-sided tape to affix the images to magnets.

Use old magnets you already have, or get a roll of flexible magnetic strips at the hardware store - 
it cuts easy and you can tape sections together to make bigger magnets
(as for the block of images shown above).
 If you want to, you can laminate the images before gluing the magnets on.
In just a few minutes and for almost no cost at all, 
you have some fun new magnets for your fridge or memo board for the Holiday season!

You know, if you just glued the images to cardstock and cut it into a shape,
you could create little tree ornaments this way, too!

BTW, you can do this for every season of the year,
since the USPS releases new stamp designs and catalogs all year long!

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