Winter Warm Up

With the approach of the New Year, we all seem to crave a change....
whether it's a personal makeover, a new resolution, 
or a way to make our rooms feel 'not empty' after the crush of Holiday decor & trees are gone.

You'll find inspiration to help here on HOMEWARDfound Decor!

 I offer posts with ideas for warming up your home in winter
for decorating with a fresh whitewashed palette or subdued neutrals,
and for organizing your office / craft room with style...
you can even get a jump on your February / Valentine's Day decor!
... click on the 'WINTER' tab in my sidebar to find more content
You'll find ideas for every season of the year by clicking on the links in my sidebar. 

Thank you for coming by to visit...
and may this coming year bring you blessings and joy!

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