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Coffee (table), Anyone?

I've been inspired by Chairish,
and have decided to participate in their ongoing Coffee Table Challenge!
The premise is for home decor bloggers to create a style sheet / look
selecting a coffee table and accessories from the goods available on their site.
This leaves more than ample room for personal expression, trust me -
they offer up fresh furnishings, art, accessories, decor, rugs, and more
in over 20 style categories including VINTAGE 
(and you know how my heart just does a pitter pat at THAT!)

So... taking my love of vintage goods and industrial / farmhouse / beach cottage style,
thinking of things that I have owned before or still have on hand,
I pulled items from several categories and created this look
to reflect my own personal style:

Now let me break it down for you:
[if you click on each caption, you'll go straight to the listing on Chairish]

Vintage Galvanized Pot        (plant not available at Chairish) 

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm 
a flea market, vintage show, thrift shop loving girl - AND I like free stuff.

That being said, what I saw on Chairish was comparable in quality and price 
to shows that specialize in authentic vintage & antique items.
I'd buy that table, the galvie pot, the silver tray, and the vintage books in a HEARTBEAT.
(if, um, I weren't currently packing and moving, that is!)

But let's be honest here... if this was in my home
* I'd replace the carved wood seashell with a huge REAL conch shell.
(...and a big squishy Sweet Sweater Pumpkin in the fall!)
*I'd use a low round basket woven from seaweed instead of the foundry mold, 
and fill that with real seashells from my huge collection - instead of glass floats.
(Maybe adding a nest and wooden eggs in the spring....)
*The green plant could morph into daffies in spring, geraniums in summer, 
leaves in fall, and pine boughs in winter.
*And if I talked myself out of buying the huge glass candle lantern,
I'd place a big white pillar candle inside a tall clear glass flower vase.

Those changes would give me a comparably stylish look for less,
by making use of items I already have - mixed in with the new purchases.

... that's what DIY decor is all about:
finding inspiration and style everywhere, then combining elements
 to create YOUR own personal style statement.
I'm glad to know that Chairish is a place that can help me do just that!

i was invited to participate in this challenge by Chairish. i received no compensation.

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