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The Spirit of Aloha

I've just returned from a blissful two-week vacation on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. *
I can't even BEGIN to describe how beautiful and relaxing it was...
being surrounded by so many amazing examples of tropical beauty, decor and architecture 
truly made every moment memorable.
From the elegance of five-star resorts to historic buildings to primitive jungles,
Hawaiian culture embodies adventure, nature, the sea, the sky, and the sand like no where else.
This was my first visit (the one I made to Oahu in 1978 with my high school band does NOT count)
and I will never, ever forget the beautiful spirit of Aloha that surrounded me.

I've always said that if you truly love a place, 
you shouldn't have to wait to visit it just two weeks a year.
Why not use the elements you love
(no, I am not encouraging you to steal sand, shells, plants, or hotel towels!!!)
and decorate your home with them - so that you can enjoy them every day???

A few years ago, I did just that.
While they were visiting the island, I re-decorated my parent's home 
with all of the (many) Hawaiian elements that they collected on their annual trips.
Mom had tucked things away in cabinets, pulling them out to use for her famous parties...
but I decided to just turn their home into something that resembled one of
the resort properties on Kauai instead,
so that they would be surrounded with reminders of the place they loved - every day.
And they LOVED it!

See the tropical style thrifty weekend makeover of their home in these posts:

Hey, maybe tropical style isn't your thing but the beach IS...
click to see how to decorate with beach style for summer!

* please don't hate me for being able to go to Hawaii.
i waited 40 years to go, and over the past two years have worked really hard 

to help my Mom face some obstacles and challenges that she just could not face on her own.
she took me to Kauai with her as a 'thank you', 

and I am more grateful for her generosity than I can possibly express...

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