Simple Solutions: Bouquet Refresh

It's summer, gang.... and it's HOT HOT HOT.
So let's take it easy and keep things simple, shall we?

A simple summer joy is picking up an inexpensive bouquet of flowers 
from the farmer's market or grocer each week to give your home a smile.

Four days later, however, those flowers are saggy and sad...
but in just a few minutes, you can refresh them and make them last a few days more!

Pre-made bouquets are often 'leggy' - with long stems in cello plastic wrap.
People usually trim off an inch or so and pop the blooms into a tall vase at home.

Did you know that the tricks to giving those bouquets a longer life include
refilling with fresh water EVERY DAY and cutting the stems shorter after a few days?
That's because the lower stems get soggy over time, and don't hydrate the blooms well.
By cutting the stems and making a more compact bouquet a few days later, 
the flowers get more water and look happier! 

Basically, you start with a big tall arrangement, and end with a short full rounded one ;)
Here's a fast & easy tutorial on making the most of your fading flowers:
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