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* pumpkin palooza! *

September 1st. 
Wow, it really is HERE already!
And while it's not the 'official' beginning of fall, it somehow heralds the season.
Which means it's time to break out the fall decor...

Here at homewardFOUNDdecor
that means scrounging up materials from all over the house
and turning them into something fun to decorate with!
I've got loads of fall decor ideas for you here in my blog archives,
including tutorials for my signature & original pumpkins:

My Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins (designed 2007)
My Original Glass Globe Pumpkins (designed 2011)
Faux Concrete Styro Pumpkins (tutorial shared 2014)

... and my versions of

Yeah, I know - that's more than the '6 projects' touted in the graphic above!
Once you get me started..... ;)

PS: I'm working on 

They'll be appearing here in posts later this month

My OWN pumpkin decor includes the very FIRST Sweet Sweater Pumpkins I ever made! 
Yep, I've been storing and using them since waaaaaay back in 2007!
I'll be putting those - and newer versions - out next week.... 
after the handyman finally hangs the chandelier and installs a few other things.
It will be fun creating new fall vignettes in the new house!

Believe it or not, I'm even making myself some NEW Sweet Sweater Pumpkins this year -
They're orange, to coordinate with our happy decor scheme ;)

Be sure to check my sidebar >>>> for more fall decor resources
here on the blog and on social media!

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