Happily Ever After...

In every good story, there comes a pivotal point where the heroine has a clear revelation. She finally sees the truth of a situation, or the truth about a person, and she makes up her mind to change her approach and take a new tact. In fairy tales, the heroine is often set up by a villain, and rescued by a hero. 

Well, I'm the heroine AND hero in my own story, and the situation that I am in is one that I created. So now it's up to me to find my way out of it... to take a new tact...

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In 2000, I started a little personal blog called Hummadeedledee AND a retail visual design blog for my business - that I still write. In 2006, I started a new business in the vintage industry, 'RETREAT', and a blog to promote it. I closed them in 2011. In 2012, I started this blog, homewardFOUND decor.

It's 2017, and I've been blogging for nearly 16 years, my friends...

Thousands of people have come into my life during that time - online, and in person - people from many walks of life, locales, businesses, hobbies, shows, styles, interests, and beliefs. Many - SO many - of you have followed me on all of those blogs, from one incarnation of myself to another. (SO many incarnations, so many changes, so many 'do-overs'. I'm exhausted!).

Thousands of original projects, products, tutorials, and photos have been created for posts on my four blogs over 16 years. For the most part, that has been a result of my passion for my work and my interests, happily shared with all of you.

The honor of being published in print and online in magazines and websites, as a feature and as a regular contributor, has come my way during these years. Blogging has opened doors for me, leading to great adventures and opportunities that I know that I am lucky to have had.

Blogging has kept me busy when I have faced struggles, made me get up and get out when I really just wanted to stay in bed all day and cry. It has been a world of my own that I have created and retreated to when times got tough, when I have questioned my value and my purpose in this world, because on a blog I can act like everything is fine - yet so often, it hasn't been. Blogging has been a security blanket for me, to be honest...

Over all that time, blogging has changed. The world has changed. Social media has changed. Our connections and the way we express ourselves have changed:

We don't want words anymore - unless it's a tutorial. We want images.
Everywhere we look, images are king: Pinterest. Instagram. Snapchat. Facebook.
And we are rampant consumers of images... in graphics, photos, memes, quotes.
We don't want to read - we want to browse, click, swipe right, repost, forward, and share.
We want fast-food inspiration, not a Sunday dinner. We want instant. We want condensed.

I can't write condensed! I can't blog in an instant, and it can't be consumed in an instant!
I'm a writer, I'm wordy, and I want to share the story as well as the image! The meaning has been lost in many ways, and the connection between lives has been broken. And I am disheartened by that change. It has made blogging very difficult for me over the past few years.

This year, I will celebrate my 55th birthday. That's more than a half century of life, my dears.
If I am lucky, I'll have another 25 years left.... so I am about 2/3 the way through my life. (THERE'S a sobering thought!) 

I love you, I love creativity, and I love inspiring & connecting with people - always have - 
but I am at the point where I need to stop spending my time online. I need to get off the laptop and out of the studio and LIVE. We each have the power to make decisions and changes in our lives at any point in our lives to change their direction.To let go of the past, and embrace the future - even if we don't know what that future is. To celebrate our lives and ourselves and to invest our efforts in that which has lasting value. I'm there. I'm ready to let go of who I have been for the past 16 years, and reach out to life for the new gifts it has for me. I am ready to experience MORE. I am ready to focus on my family, my personal relationships, my faith, my one wild and adventurous life... You could say that I have come homeward - and I have finally FOUND myself. 

The heroine of my story - me - needs to get up on her white steed and gallop into life with a smile on her face... so it's time to finish this chapter of life, which has been lived for public consumption and content creation. I am done.This is my final blog post. I haven't even struggled with that decision. It was easy once I got honest with myself about my malaise and lack of enthusiasm for spending all.this.time. focused on a blog, on online activity, on 'a platform' and 'a voice' and everything that it means to blog now. I'm not interested in that, so it's time to say goodbye. l will not be blogging or posting on facebook pages any longer. I'll still be sharing photos on Instagram, and I hope to see you there!

You know what the best part of ending a book is?
'... and she lived happily ever after...'

I wish that happily ever after for each of you, my friends, and I thank you from the fullness of my heart for your support of me and my blogs, for your purchases of my products, for allowing me to be your friend and creative playmate through my posts and projects. You have enriched my life beyond measure, and I will hold you in my heart as I go forward.



  1. You, your creativity and talent will be sorely missed.. May I say again as I have in the past that I am sincerely sorry on behalf of all those who have MADE and Posted your sweater and fabric pumpkins as if it were their own design. When I made mine I gave you credit and linked to your tutorial. I know this was years ago but as my Nana used to say " some things just stick in my craw" ~!! so THANK YOU~!!!

  2. I love LOVE LOVE this for you! And Deb, that list in bold about what blogging has become? That's what I meant actually, about my blog not being one of the THOSE. Ha! Enjoy living!! And I am grateful for having been able to enjoy your your lovely, meaningful, wordy writer voice!

  3. Deb, I totally understand. I'm a birthday past you and this last year I have been unsubscribing from many of the blogs that I used to read. I have found that I spend way too much time reading, and not enough time DOING! So, although we will all miss you, I think it's wonderful that you're making this decision. You can always come back if you decide to later. I wish you much luck, much fun, and many blessings! God speed.

  4. I've been following you since your "Poppyseed" days, and have always been inspired by your creativity, passion for design, love of family, and your ability to pick up and keep going when you needed to! Thank you for sharing your world with us, see you on Instagram! Peace be with you! ������

  5. Thank you all, for your kind words here and your encouragement and support both online and in person for so many years <3 I am blessed to know you!


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