Sing With Me: "In Summer!!!!"

SUMMER is here!
Enjoy every relaxing minute with my ideas for using what you already have on hand 
to create Summer Style in your home every day...

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You'll find these projects below - and MORE!

Thank you again for visiting HOMEWARDfound Decor,
 and have a fabulous Summer vacation!
(and if you really wanna' build a.... no, wait... wrong song! sing THIS one ;) )

(I still love this old summertime logo ;) ) 


  1. Aw, too bad you're not posting anymore, there's so much cool stuff here. Hope you get back to it sometime!

  2. Thank you, Sean! I appreciate your kind words.
    Life has just taken a different turn for me, and my efforts are now focused on my visual merchandising career and being my Mom's companion and caretaker. That doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging ;)

  3. Your posts and content are great, too bad you're not posting anymore. But wish you all the best on your new journey :)