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faux concrete paint treatment

concrete urns home decor
my most popular posts right now feature my 'faux concrete' paint, 
a decorative paint technique that i've perfected over my many, many years
of turning ugly things into beautiful things - using paint and glue and paper ;)

it's come in handy as i've prepared products for my new shop! 

i spotted the huge fiberglass urns shown above in the back of a ReStore, 
slathered in badly-applied high-gloss white house paint. so very sad. 
so i brought 'em home and gave them a spa treatment... better, yes?!

the urn lamp in that photo was a new one, oiled bronze metal. tuscan. shiny. borrrrrrring.
so i gave it an 'aged' finish and took it back in time about a century. MUCH better

(maybe i shoulda' called this post 'ode to a grecian urn'.... ??anyway....
I've also painted a few cheap styrofoam pumpkins with my fanciful faux finish,
elevating them from craft-store basic to totally extra...
and did the same for these:
a faux concrete SWAN

every last one of the items in the top photo are available 
in my new homewardFOUND SHOP,
in Room #1 inside Needful Things Addiction in historic old town Lake Elsinore, Ca.
as shown below:
faux concrete paint treatment urns lamps pumpkins
i have some huge lacy pumpkins sitting on top of the big urns, 
but they'd hold your jack-o-lantern, or big branches, or even Christmas trees. 

the homewardFOUND shop is a happy little space 
filled with treasures both handmade and vintage, all ready for you to take home 
to fill your rooms with seasonal style that you can enjoy every day!


  1. Good luck with everything, Deb. I hope you sell lots of stuff. I love the 'old' treatment you gave those items--they look a whole lot better now. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  2. thank you so much, Miss Diana! I hope people visiting the shop find things they love and want to take home with them ;) Isn't it funny how making something new look old can make it look SO much better?!!!