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welcome! this is where you'll find my original handmade products,
some of which you've seen over the years right here on the blog - 
all designed and created to enhance your own home decor every season of the year.

occasionally i may also offer vintage or 'found object' goods, as they are available.

  .  current products  .


summer season products are no longer available.
watch for announcement of release of fall season products, coming soon....


ordering and payment:

quantities on all items are limited. 
each listing will be removed from this shop when sold out.

 payment portal provided by PayPal.
i've used it for my Sweet Sweater Pumpkins without one single hitch over all these years,
so i trust it - and i hope you will, too.
[one reason i love using PayPal is that i NEVER have access to your credit card or account information.
that works toward my goal of making sure that you feel secure when you order from me.]

email me 
[ at debi.wardkennedy@gmail.com ] your interest in ordering a product. 
i'll send you a PayPal invoice. once you pay that, i'll ship your order!

your order will be personally packed + shipped by me from my Southern California studio.

i will email you directly to confirm shipment of your order with a tracking number.