homewardFOUND shop!

sweet sweater pumpkins glass globe pumpkins
The homewardFOUND shop is located in Room #1
inside Needful Things Addiction Marketshoppe in Lake Elsinore, California.

This charming store is made up a series of rooms, 
each inhabited by a vendor with style!

You'll find many of my original designs & creations in the homewardFOUND shop
right now I've stocked up for fall home decor, including my signature Original
Sweet Sweater Pumpkins, Embellished Pumpkins, Glass Globe Pumpkins, 
fanciful lamps & lampshades, and some artful vintage paper collage work.
sweet sweater pumpkins glass globe pumpkins vintage goods
I am very excited to be part of the vintage world again, 
and to create products and this space to inspire and delight you. 
I'll be bringing in new decor items, artwork, and vintage goods for every season of the year!

PS: head over to my Instagram to see a VIDEO of the room!

vintage vendor homewardFOUND Debi Ward Kennedy

I hope you'll visit! The shop is full of charming treasures, as is the old town area.
And it's just a few miles away from Temecula Wine Country!

Join us at our store, Needful Things Addiction, in Lake Elsinore, CA

along with three other shops as we ring in the holidays!

*FYI: at this point in time, I am only selling in this brick & mortar shop. Not online.*

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