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Coming Soon: a SHOP!

Okay, my friends, here's the big news:
I'm opening a homewardFOUND SHOP! 
Not online - a REAL, in person, brick & mortar SHOP!

In just a few weeks, I'll be taking up residency in ROOM #1
inside a fabulous new shop in my area -
Needful Things Addiction in historic old town Lake Elsinore, California
(near Temecula Wine Country, Northeast of San Diego)

I will have a whole ROOM to fill with revved-up junk, vintage finds, 
and my original handmade home decor & art...
all presented in big overblown displays each season!
You'll see some of the things I've shared here on the blog
in a setting that is reminiscent of my displays for my former vintage biz.
I really really loved that biz, that industry, and being part of the 'family' of vendors, 
so I am beyond-words EXCITED to get back into it in this very small way.
(and I am perfectly happy that it's small!)

I'm SO thrilled to be back to creating and making things again, 
and will love every moment of offering you delightful products and displays
to inspire YOUR seasonal style!

I'll start with a focus on fall, Thanksgiving, and soft neutral decor
and then in early November I'll haul in the Holidays... 

Stay tuned for my announcement of opening day!


  1. Are You Kidding Me?? I did not know you were in Calif. I looked at that shop and renting that same room! I was considering it in addition to selling at Saddleback College at The Coast Vintage Market. It's a great room... for sure I'll come by.

    1. Yep, Barbara, I moved back to California (born & raised!) in 2012, after spending 18 years in the Pacific Northwest. There's a lot I miss about it but I am diggin' the sunshine and beaches that I grew up with! I lived in OC until April of 2016, when I moved to Lake Elsinore with my Mom... we are loving the area and while I have been on the support staff for Rita Reade's Vintage Marketplace show (photography, social media, and creating displays i her booth and at show entries) it is exciting to have this chance to be a vendor again. It's gonna' be small - no shows, no big expansions - just one room in one shop, where I can create and have fun. And it's a great room, right?! (I gotta' say, I'm glad you didn't take it! ;) )

  2. So excited for you! Always loved your style and displays.they so inspired me in my home.Always attended your shows wherever you were,including Camano.Glad to see you sharing your talents again in this way!

    1. okay, I want you to know that you are the VERY FIRST 'Anonymous' comment I have EVER approved and published! Thank you so much for your kind words AND for sticking with me for so long! My love for vintage grew so much during those years up in the PNW, participating in shows and hosting my own on the island.... and though I stopped being a part of it all in 2011, that was never by choice. So to have an opportunity to get back into it - in a very small way, nothing at all like Retreat was and became! - just heals my heart. I so appreciate you taking time to share with me - now, pleeeeeeeeease leave me a reply and tell me who you are! hugs, Deb

  3. I am just absolutely thrilled for you, Debi!! I had a feeling it was something to do with your creations...good for you. Hope it is a perfect fit! xo Diana