Easy Burlap & Canvas Wall Art

I change things a LOT in my home... so I like easy solutions and quick projects.
This wall art project is one that I whipped up in just an hour,
and it made a huge difference on a blank wall behind a sofa...

I needed wall art in neutral tones to add interest to this small tv room, 
and used fabric remnants to match the canvas and burlap pillows on the sofa.
Then I had to find 'frames'.... but instead, I came across some old 'cork boards' in a closet.
Only, they weren't really cork boards...

Click the 'Read More' link to the left to find out what they were!

They were simply pieces of 2" thick rigid foam insulation panels, cut into smaller sizes.
[rigid insulation comes in sheets of many dimensions at HOME DEPOT ]
 - not a sponsored post, just easier to link to them than to describe it! -
You can cut it with a jigsaw, or a large box knife. Or an electric carving knife!

I wrapped each piece of the foam with a fabric remnant, stapled it into place, 
and then hung the frames on the wall in a pleasing arrangement.
And lest that 'hanging frames on the wall' part sound too hard, um....no:
Eyeball placement. Pound nails into wall. Shove foam pieces onto nails. 

'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM
it's how I roll....

Those vintage book pages were pinned on using straight pins, right into the fabric and foam,
so that I could easily change them out if I wanted to. EASY.
You could also use this method for kids' art!
[see what I did with my niece's artwork in this home decor weekend makeover]

The window in this room was placed off-center on the wall at the end of the sofa,
so I created one more fabric-covered piece to place in the empty space next to it.
This was actually a regular painting canvas [thrifted] that I hot-glued the fabric remnant to:

 That elegant damask linen fabric was also used on a bench project... coming in a future post!

Now, if you wanted to spend more time on this, 
you could also add some kind of bracket or wire coming through the foam & fabric
to hold a vintage piece on the front of the canvas: a bottle, or small architectural bit for interest.

I'd recommend only lightweight items for that
And maybe a more sophisticated hanging system than mine...

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