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Thank You All...

I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks to you all
for the comforting, caring, loving messages posted on my last blog entry...
 you've touched my heart.

Since I started HOMEWARDfound, 
I've made a concerted effort to NOT share personal information here
[because, frankly, my life has been a Lifetime Movie for the last two years
and I wanted this blog to be a happy place]
but losing my best friend was just the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.
I had to take a break - and not pretend that everything was ok.

Thank you for understanding, and offering your sweet condolences.
They have been so helpful over the past week.

The sunset roses in the photos here are the last few that didn't fit into the arrangement
that I made for my best friend's memorial service on Friday.
They are sitting beside me now, on my desk, 
reminding me of her fiery red hair - and even more fiery spirit. 
The truck is a miniature replica of the one my grandfather drove.
Those are two of the people dearest to me, whom I have lost.
This little reminder of their presence in my life and my heart comforts me as I grieve,
as have your words and prayers...

That's my 'decorating tip' for today:
Surround yourself with things that are meaningful to you,
 that represent happy memories and special people.


  1. Deb- I guess the only consolation to losing someone is to know that they are in a better place- past pain and sorrow and worry. I woke up this morning really MISSING my brother (that passed unexpectedly in February). I think some days are worse than others as we work through our Earthly losses. xo Diana

    1. Diana, you are so right, sweet girl.. and you are in my thoughts and prayers as you are missing your brother. Losses like this take time to accept, but never stop hurting <3