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giant paper flowers

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sometimes it's just best to go BIG, you know?
i've been a retail visual merchandiser + display designer / stylist for over 45 years,
and have made a LOT of props in my lifetime...
and i learned that whether you're creating a window display
or an event display or a photo backdrop, large scale has the most impact.

making big things can get costly, tho - unless you use inexpensive materials
like paper, tissue, and repurposed/upcycled elements.

the flowers you see up above were created for use in an event entry display,
and are made from new cardstock paper -
but i've made similar ones from vintage book pages, too.
can't you just imagine flowers made out of repurposed MAPS?
old newspapers? magazine pages? gift wrapping paper?
yep, so can i!

i can also see them decorating a lovely Mother's Day brunch setting,
or as decor in a nursery or girls' room.

continue reading for a quick tutorial and loads of inspo...


grandma's button flowers

spring, mothers day, just for fun, flowers, DIY, crafting, decorating, dollar store crafts, tutorial, garden style, diy decorating, grandmas buttons, button flowers
did your grandma have a button box?
mine did, and i spent many hours playing with the colorful contents as a child.
 when my Grandma Ward passed, i was given her button box.
to this day just looking at it makes me smile...

 i decided to start collecting buttons of my own to add to her tin,
so i grabbed them at garage sales and thrift stores
and sometimes even bought some from craft stores.

when i began using the buttons in home decor projects.
one of the projects i undertook was to make button flowers:
spring, mothers day, just for fun, flowers, DIY, crafting, decorating, dollar store crafts, tutorial, garden style, diy decorating, grandmas buttons, button flowers
those were made back in the early 2000's!
it's such an easy project that kids can do it, too.

continue reading for my easy tutorial... 


send a message with stamped dishes!

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sometimes an idea comes outta' nowhere.
sometimes, nature is the inspiration.
and sometimes, another creative person does something new
that makes me realize a possibility that intrigues me...

that's the case with this 'just for fun' diy project.
i saw something on social media and laughed.
then i thought 'i have a few china dishes that i could do something like that with....'
and so, i tried it just to see how it would look.

my approach is temporary art, as most of my decor projects are.
(actually, i came up with TWO ways to do this project that are temporary)
when i tire of this look, i'll be able to 'erase' it
and return the dishes to their original condition.

and when it was all done, another approach occurred to me!
...continue reading to see where my mind took me...


the daffodil queen

DIY,jewelry,junking,junk makeover,original designs,Mother's Day,re-purposing,seashells,trash to treasure,up-cycling,vintage,spring,flowers,daffodils,daffodil crown,crowns,tiaras,Junk Queen crowns,spring decor,spring gifts,birthday crown, spring crown.
it's my birthday week ;) 

and if there's ever a day that a girl deserves to wear a crown,
it's on her birthday / week / month. no matter her age!

a tiny wire crown (that i made over a decade ago)
has been embellished with tiny faux daffodils... my favorite flower...
and though i am not nor have ever been a bona fide 'daffodil queen',
i think maybe for today, i shall proclaim myself one!

continue reading for the simple transformation...


Mother, May I?

ok, friends, Mother's Day is this coming Sunday!
here are some easy and creative last-minute ideas for your celebrations...

continue reading to see all of my Mother's Day posts!


Mother's Day Breakfast at Tiffany's

In my last post, I said 'not everyone can afford to buy a gem from the jewelers for Mom'...
However, we can create a sparkling setting inspired by Tiffany & Co. Jewelers for Mom!

This Mother's Day tablescape was inspired by something very dear to me:
a gift from a very special friend.
Sweet Fran gave me the only Tiffany blue box I've ever received...
you can read more about that on my personal blog if you'd like to.

That special blue box and my Mom's love of the color aqua inspired me
to create a lovely setting for a Mother's Day brunch to share with you.
And what else can I call it but
'Breakfast at Tiffany's'?!
The combination of Tiffany blue (pale Robin's Egg), white, and sparkling crystals & rhinestones
shines against the contrast of a deep green vine wall in the garden.
My own Tiffany Blue Box serves as the main focal point, 
and layered vintage linens bring to mind white clouds against a blue sky.

The blue painted bench is something I recently created...
you'll see the 'how-to' for it in an upcoming Summer post! 

A mix of fresh and silk flowers spill from the Tiffany Blue Box, 
on a white ceramic pedestal topped with a plate to add height to the tablescape.

[ I bought that urn/pedestal for five bucks to make a Snowman on...
when that Snowman didn't sell, I took it off and kept the base.
It comes in handy for so many uses, I'm keeping it!]

The aqua glass candle holders are my Mom's, 
and I bling-ed them up for this setting by simply draping sparkling crystals on them -
two are necklaces, one is a tree ornament. 
Placing the votive in a glass votive cup inside these vessels keeps the heat away from the jewelry, 
and also makes the glass holders easier to keep clean.

White dinnerware on a lace-patterned resin charger
is simply topped with a take-home gift of an aqua blue container of loose-leaf tea.
Pale blue linen napkins and silver flatware finish the look,
along with some European-style wine glasses 
that pay homage to Mom's royal position with their embossed crowns:
[ Stella Rosa logo glasses from the San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles ]

 Napkins tuck into the coffee / tea cup handle, 
along with a stirring spoon tied with a pretty ribbon.

The napkin holders in the second image above are plastic cookie cutters.
Yes, really!

I found a baggie of these swirly blue designs at the thrift store for a dollar...
And you know I love using cookie cutters for MUCH more than making cookies!

I tucked them into a pretty white planter to add more color to this scene, 
and also tied a few to blue ribbons along with crystals, and suspended them from the vine wall.
If there had been a chandelier overhead, I would have hung them from it... with more crystals.

Of course, the gifts for Mom are color-coordinated to the setting!
Pale blue ribbons, tissue and boxes pair with crisp white containers
and become part of the decor.
[ You don't need REAL Tiffany Blue Boxes, you know...
spray paint white boxes and add lettering with a thin marker for the same effect! ]

 The boxes hold lovely little sentimental presents...
the necklace was made by Rita Reade of Mammabellarte, 
and the china cup belonged to my grandma Rissia when she was a girl.

This fragrant gardenia bloom is in honor of my Grandma Margie Ward.
It was her favorite flower...and the scent makes me stop in my tracks and think of her.

A few more simple ideas in blue...
A ceramic swan planter (that used to be peach - ugh!) holds ice and small bottled beverages.
Vintage bottles make perfect single-bloom vases, and can be taken home by guests.

I hope this setting inspires you to pull together meaningful and beautiful 'everyday' items
[ though I DO realize that a Tiffany & Co. box is NOT an everyday item for most of us! ]
to create a special event for your Mom!

... hopefully, Moms everywhere will be feeling a bit like Holly Golightly:

More May decor inspiration on Pinterest!


Jewelry Makeovers: Bling It On!

Mother's Day is on the way, and it's time to show Mom the LOVE!

But let's get real here, shall we?
Not everyone can afford to head to a jewelry store and buy a sparkling gem for Mom.
It's not about how much you love her, it's about your bank balance
and being the responsible person she raised you to be.

So, how about some ideas for re-imagining baubles from the thrift store or flea market?

A few easy steps to make the old NEW again?
I mean, Mom loved those macaroni noodle necklaces we made in kindergarten, right?
So if she's into jewelry, and hip to vintage and reclaimed style, 
let's make her something with a BIT more sparkle and shine!

This past week, I took some of the stuff that's been cluttering up my jewelry box
and took a good look at it all.
As I did, I started laying various pieces together, thinking about how they could be changed,
and came up with some new jewelry without spending a cent...

[unfortunately, I didn't photograph the 'befores' because it wasn't until I was DONE
that I decided to make this a blog post!]
Project 1: a multistrand necklace.
I had three various-sized and length silver metal chain necklaces (dollar tree, years ago)
one ultra-long chain with multi-colored resin beads (thrift store, $2.00)
and one chain with big loops and pink plastic beads. Yes, plastic.  
I don't know why I held onto that pink one - but I am glad I did!
It became the base for the new piece....

I just opened a few of the large links, and slipped a link from the other necklaces into them:
The bejeweled chain was folded in thirds, then attached,
and the silver chains were spiral-wrapped around the others, then attached.
It's chunky, it's fun, 
and it perfectly matches one of the bright graphic Mickey Mouse tee shirts I wear to work!

[ I have five strands of pearls that I am going to do something similar with, too]
 Project 2: a pieced necklace
This one came about because I truly love the vintage pieces...
I had them listed here in the HOMEWARDfound shop, and they didn't sell.
Which is GOOD, because I really didn't want to part with them!!!

I started by deconstructing the clip-on earrings, removing the backs and clips, 
and also the pin from the back of the brooch.
Then I took another cheap chain I had, one with metallic resin beads, 
and took out the center chain link and removed the bead that had been on it.
Then I connected each of those 'ends' to the floral elements, 
and attached that one bead to the bottom petal of the large flower.
The warm gold-silver tone of the chain picks up the gold accents on the vintage flowers, 
and the beads make it fresh and fun.
It reminds me of stuff from Anthro - without the price tag!

Confession: I cussed a lot while making this one. A LOT.
This was tiny, tiny work.... I made a lot of boo-boos, and it took FOREVER!
But I finally got it, and I LOVE this piece.
Project 3: a found object bracelet
A delicate bracelet (flea market, $5.00) is the perfect place to add miscellaneous charms.
I used what I had, and added some vintage buttons with gold filigree centers,
a leaf from an old earring, a vintage rose charm, 
and what I think is a charm from a school sorority or club.

You could do this with orphaned earrings, special buttons, even rings,
saved by Mom because they are reminders of the past!

[ This piece is for sale in the HOMEWARDfound SHOP. ]

And finally, an idea that I had so much fun with...
It's so SIMPLE and EASY and INEXPENSIVE... you just won't believe it!

Project 4: a magical transformation
No, it's not buying earrings that match your nail polish.
It's PAINT your jewelry with Nail Polish!!!
The stones in these earrings were originally red.
But as nice as they were (sterling silver, from Sundance) I haven't worn red for a very long time.
But I DO wear PINK!

I grabbed this new bottle of 'Enchanted Kiss' nail polish 
from the Beautifully Disney makeup line
and blobbed some hot pink polish over the red stone in the earrings.

It was like..... MAGIC! ;)
These perfectly match the pink logo on several of my work tee shirts,
along with a hot pink dress that I bought myself for my birthday.

Those earrings I never wore? I wear them every week now!
What are you waiting for?
Go take a peek into your own or Mom's jewelry box,
 hit the thrift stores or a flea market on Saturday,
and you can BLING IT ON for Mother's Day!

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Spring Garden Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your Spring decor and party themes?
Look no further....

The darling and VERY talented Monique outdid herself with the front entrance vignette at The Vintage Marketplace Show!
She hauled in all of this stuff from her house - it's all HERS, not for sale -
and styled this charming garden scene for everyone to ogle, photograph, and enjoy at the show.

Just take a gander at the glorious garden she created:
That's Miss Monique working on final details - in platform shoes, no less!
The main scene in the vignette is the giant window backdrop, bookended by regal vintage columns.
A porch swing hangs from the overhead architecture,
and garden plants and accessories bring a perfect garden to life...
Above,  more details of the main scene
To the left of the main scene, a small table and chairs create a perfect tete a' tete setting,
propped and ready for afternoon tea... right down to the dress and parasol!
A closer look...
Closer to the front on the left are more charming details:
A large birdcage with a flowering plant inside sits on a table covered with a tutu!
A vintage white bicycle's basket is filled with moss, a tutu, and garden accessories.
To the right of the main scene, a mirrored vanity is propped with vintage prom dresses and accessories.
The tiny dressing chair has a tutu cushion, and a bitsy birdcage sheltering a tiny chandelier ornament!

I shot these images in 2014... Update for 2016:

Do you love vintage-style decorating?

Don't miss this beautiful vintage show, held each season in Southern California!

Images in this post taken by Deb Kennedy of HOMEWARDfound Decor.
Decor design & styling of privately-owned props (NFS) by Monique.
The Vintage Marketplace Event is hosted by Christie Repasy and Rita Reade.

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