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screen dome pumpkins & leaves

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rummaging through a cabinet one day, i rediscovered four screen food covers.
they came from Dollar Tree and to be honest, i don't think we've ever used them.
so.... me being me.... it was time to turn these unused items into something else.

continue reading to see how easily i transformed them into pumpkins!
(i feel a bit like the Fairy Godmother in reverse.....)


diy wood slat shade / privacy screen

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living here in the semi-desert of Southern California means we get a lot of sun.
for four years, i've been struggling with - and have tried - many ways to block that sun
so that we can enjoy our patio and backyard in the late afternoon.
but along with the sun is wind. Santa Ana winds and strong daily afternoon winds.
those winds have torn down every umbrella and shade cloth and curtain i've hung.

finally a bright idea dawned on me - make it wood!
the simple solution was to repeat another element of our landscaping
and create a wood screen to withstand wind and block the afternoon sun.

the best part of this project? it makes use of a pre-made element available at Lowes.
paired with an item i already had, it became the perfect shade screen for us - 
and would work as a privacy screen, as well!

continue reading to see how simple this outdoor diy project is...


painted 'autumn leaf' pattern pumpkins

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inspired by the blue and white 'chinoiserie' pumpkins i've seen online recently,
i came up with a similar idea that reflects both an autumn palette AND our family history.

a few small ceramic pumpkins from my collection were refreshed with paint,
replicating the pattern of some china that has been in my family for generations...

made by Hall China in Ohio for the Jewel Tea Company from 1920 to 1980,
this lovely 'Autumn Leaf' pattern is perfect for fall decorating and entertaining - 
my Mom's Mom, my Grandma Ward, used these pieces even before my Mom was born.
Mom has used them every fall for as long as i can remember.
and i've used the pieces that she passed down to me!
they make an appearance every autumn, especially for Thanksgiving.

continue reading to see more of our collection with my new matching pumpkins...


salvaged fan becomes a backyard table!

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this big old orange thing might just look a bit familiar to you...
it's the industrial fan housing that i grabbed right outta' my neighbors' trash can
and turned into a pumpkin in a previous post.

honestly? the pumpkin project was an afterthought.
THIS was the reason i grabbed it before the trash truck arrived...
to make an accent table for our backyard fire pit area!
it was a simple assembly, using things i had on hand already
and it makes a world of difference in this area of our yard.

continue reading to see how just three simple elements created this table...


faux terra cotta pumpkins + tutorial

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the decor is simple on our porch this year...

just a few select elements combine to give our entryway a fall mood.
(no, that's not a photo of our porch! i'll probably share that on Insta) 
however, real pumpkins are not an option when it's still over 100 degrees.

my solution to that dilemma was to gather up the pumpkins we have on hand
(plus the new-to-me 'Funkin' faux pumpkin that i found at a thrift store
and used in my recent fall harvest scarecrow project)
and give them a cohesive look... 

and i did that with paint, of course!
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continue reading for my easy 'faux terra cotta' paint' tutorial...


boho lace pumpkins

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i am always trying to find new ways to create pumpkin decor to enjoy in the fall...
i'm game to try anything to see if it will work.
i recently came across some photos of this past project, never shared here on the blog,
and thought i had better do that before the window of opportunity for fall decor closes!

these are a fun way to create pumpkins with a bohemian style vibe,
perfect in combination with the neutral hues, macrame' accents, and wood textures
in the 'of the moment' boho modern fall decorating.

continue reading for details on how easy these are...


fall flip: guest room update

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back in August, i shared the no-cost makeover i created in our guest room - 
a cool, refreshing boho mod style in tones of greens and accented with succulents.

no one has come to stay with us since then, but i've just updated the decor...
and even though there isn't a pumpkin or a leaf in sight,
adding the color orange really works to to bring in a 'fall' mood.
(it's still hot here. but it's October now, so i have to accept the inevitable!)

continue reading to see how a few small changes made a BIG difference
 in the way this room feels...


fall harvest scarecrow

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an unexpected find of a two dollar faux 'Funkin' pumpkin at a local thrift shop
was the impetus for this quick, easy fall decor project... perfect indoors or out!

(and no, i wasn't shopping. or, rather, i didn't PLAN to be shopping! i went to the thrift store to drop off three bags of used books.
but the door was open... and i was weak... and so.... i came home with a pumpkin. and three MORE bags of books. but i digress...)

that lightweight foam pumpkin became the head of this cute fall scarecrow.
made with items already on hand - including grass trimmings from our yard -
he came together really fast.

continue reading to see what's holding him up!


make a tiered tray the easy way!

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the decorating trend of the moment seems to be tiered trays!
they make arranging a selection of small items a breeze, 
pulling them all together in one display to make a big impact.

i've seen loads of great styling ideas shared all over social media,
but i came up with an approach for the tray itself that i thought might inspire you...

that tiered tray in the image above? not a tray. i didn't buy it.
i made it - using some things that i pulled out of cabinets & cupboards,
and a few drops of hot glue.
not only was it an easy project, it will come apart when i am ready for it to.

continue reading to see my easy way to MAKE a tiered tray...