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yarn + twine pineapples

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as i was making my new Sweet Sweater Pineapples
(shared in my last post - link below)
i came up with a few more ideas for easy-peasy pineapple crafts...
like, SO easy. kids can do this easy. no adhesive easy.

continue reading for the two-step tutorial -
PLUS another way to make a 'sweater' pineapple!


new! Sweet Sweater Pineapples!

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sweaters? in SUMMER?
over the past 14 years, i've come up with all kinds of ideas using sweaters as crafting material,
and created nearly a dozen different 'Sweet Sweater' Originals...
a few of those are food:  pumpkins, popcorn, ice cream - and now, pineapples!

the tropical vibes are so strong with this one,
i can almost hear the ukelele music playing...
pour yourself a mai tai or some pineapple juice
continue reading to for my sweet n' easy tutorial!