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painted pineapple planters

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i'm in a tropical state of mind, if you can't tell...
since i can't visit the island this year, i'm creating a tropical vibe here at home!

when i ran across an item at the 99 Cents Only store recently,
i immediately saw how i could easily transform it into a tropical decor accent...

continue reading for the easy how-to!


yarn + twine pineapples

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as i was making my new Sweet Sweater Pineapples
(shared in my last post - link below)
i came up with a few more ideas for easy-peasy pineapple crafts...
like, SO easy. kids can do this easy. no adhesive easy.

continue reading for the two-step tutorial -
PLUS another way to make a 'sweater' pineapple!


new! Sweet Sweater Pineapples!

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sweaters? in SUMMER?
over the past 14 years, i've come up with all kinds of ideas using sweaters as crafting material,
and created nearly a dozen different 'Sweet Sweater' Originals...
a few of those are food:  pumpkins, popcorn, ice cream - and now, pineapples!

the tropical vibes are so strong with this one,
i can almost hear the ukelele music playing...
pour yourself a mai tai or some pineapple juice
continue reading to for my sweet n' easy tutorial!


a different kind of sand castle...

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bringing sand and shells home from a beach vacation is do-able.
a sand castle? not so much.

unless, of course, you find a new way to make a sand castle ;) 

and i did. 

continue reading to see the everyday material that inspired me and how i used it...


beach in a box!

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years ago, i started filling vintage jars with seashells, and sand, and seagrass.
i call them 'Beach in a Jar' - and i sold a LOT of them at vintage shows.
saving souvenirs from vacation trips is a great way to relive summer memories...

here's a fun and easy way to use inexpensive materials and found objects
to create a 'beach in a box'
(and you really don't even have to GO on vacation to make these!)

continue reading to see how!


seashell wall art

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for as long as i can remember, i've collected mementos from the beach...
tiny bottles of sand, sea glass remnants, little pieces of driftwood, and seashells.
*NOTE:  i DO make sure it's permissible to take these natural 'artifacts' from their locations,
and i don't take a lot. *

finding new ways to display these treasures is a fun creative exercise,
and this summer i've re-worked a former project to highlight a few of my seashells.
and yes, it's yellow! sunny, bright, warm, happy yellow for summer.

continue reading to see a few of my summer seashell shadow boxes...
(try to say THAT fast!!!)


Sweet Sweater Scoops!

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the heat of summer is upon us...
and lucky for us, this 'tasty treat' won't melt as the temperature rises!

as soon as i saw a very simple item at a thrift shop,
i knew i would make it into some of my original Sweet Sweater Scoops TM
(part of my 'foofoo faux food' obsession)
reminiscent of icy lemon sherbet, just looking at these cools me down...

continue reading to see how to make them -
and you won't BELIEVE what they started out as!


summer sand pail centerpiece

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summer's here, and it's time to relax and kick back.
that includes taking it easy with decor for home & parties...
so i'm sharing one of my fave summertime decorating tips.

this easy idea is a perfect happy everyday accent -
perhaps on a hallway console or dining table, 
or even at your front door.
it's also fun for a party - and no, not just for kids!

pssst.... continue reading to find out two secrets about that sand!