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a NEW LOOK for my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!

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september is here, and you know what THAT means...
it's time for sweater weather AND sweater pumpkins!!!

i've been making + selling my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins TM since 2007,
and while i haven't sold any since i had my little hwf shop in 2017,
i occasionally still make new versions!
in 2021 i made a batch of new yellow 'sweeties' for myself, 
and this year after creating a huge new multicolor batch for my daughter Bethany,
i've made a revision to the way i finish them...

continue reading for a quick addition to my original tutorial...


lost and.... FOUND!

Remember these lil' babies?!

After selling my neutral-hued and orange Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins for five years, 
I released a limited edition of them in PINK in 2013 - and you LOVED them!
(thank you from the bottom of my pumpkin' shaped heart <3 )

Recently Janet at Shabbyfufu shared one of her own photos of my pink pumpkins,
the one you see on the lower right corner of my image above,
and her readers were clamoring to get some of their own...
I couldn't oblige, as making them in quantity makes my carpal tunnel flare up
(and Deb is not happy when she is in pain!)
That's a big reason why I stopped making them to sell after 2013, and offered my tutorial.
The other reason was that my Dad was undergoing cancer treatments,
and time spent with him was way more important than making pumpkins.

Well.... I have a bit of good news for anyone hankering to get their hands on
a couple of my pumpkins: I FOUND SOME!

Yes, you have a chance to get one of the last sets of 
my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins in PINK, 
right here on the homewardFOUND blog!

 Tuesday Morning September 27 at 8 AM Pacific Time,
I'll have SIX SETS ONLY for sale here on the blog!

The PayPal purchase button will be on the right sidebar for your convenience.
Sold only in sets of 3 - varied sizes, pink tones, and knit textures in each set.

important stuff:
Shipping included, to continental USA addresses only.
Limited quantity available. No holds - Purchase required at time of order.
All purchases final. No refunds, no cancellations. No custom requests/orders.
Sale will cease immediately when available quantities are sold.

I'll see you here Tuesday!


Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkin Tutorial

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mySweet Sweater PumpkinsTM
are popular every fall!
my free no-sew tutorial for THE ORIGINAL sweater pumpkin
helps you make your own versions of this classic fall decor accent!

this is an easy craft project, and eco-friendly way to decorate for fall,
because they're made out of recycled materials and totally no-sew.

i designed my original product in 2007, and it appeared on my Hummadeedledee blog,
then began selling them at vintage shows and stores in 2009,

and they have been published in magazines and on blogs, FB, and Pinterest ever since - 
appearing here on homewardFOUND first in 2012,
and in Better Homes & Garden's Halloween Special issue in 2013! 

continue reading for tutorial:


Halloween Tricks and Treats!

'BeWitched', my very own 'Great Pumpkin' creation, and I would like to wish you

Happy Halloween!

Tonight, after the cute little trick or treaters have been tucked into bed,
the ghosts and ghouls here on our street will gather for a dessert party!

Some very simple ideas and materials were pulled together in about two hours
to create this fun party decor...
One roll of orange wrapping paper forms a backdrop AND the center stripe on the table.
found at Marshalls for $2.99

[ disclaimer: the 'happy Halloween' writing was added in my photo editing program - 
it's NOT printed on the paper on the wall ]

One package of vintage-look crepe paper fringed garland frames the center stripe on the table
and forms a short swag above.
found at Salvation Army for $1.99. NEW!

The large plastic chargers (and other containers) await the food...
found at Walmart for $2.49
A gathering of apothecary jars (from elsewhere in the house) is filled with decor items
like plastic eyeballs, spiders and candycorn from WalMart.
The last snippet of the fringed garland tucks inside one jar.

You could fill yours with candy for guests to actually EAT...
but we have so many goodies, we didn't need candy!

continue reading to see MORE easy party decor ideas!


'as seen in BHG!'

 A few weeks ago, I received a very nice message from LuLu Tapp,
owner and photographer extraordinaire from DustyLu Interiors & Photography in Los Angeles.
She let me know that my little pumpkins were going to appear
in the feature on her lovely home
in the Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Tricks & Treats 2013!

After I picked myself up off the floor, I thanked her. Profusely!
And I've been on the lookout for the issue ever since.

Monday, she messaged me "Hey Deb!!! Its out its out!!! On newsstands now!!!Woot woot!"
At nearly the same time, a friend sent me the cover shot shown above,
then another friend sent me an interior image that includes my 2012 Harvest pumpkins:
This is one of Lulu's photos of her gorgeous home from the magazine... LOVE!

Being able to use the words 'As Seen in BHG' is just a dream come true -
I am so very thankful for the opportunity.
I originated this design, and have been making and selling them for many years,
and it's nice to finally be 'noticed' this way.

I saw a comment that Lulu made on Instagram and it made me do backflips:
"Better Homes and Gardens editor was flipping over the pumpkins and botanicals  -
I think she wanted to take them!!! Lolol"

Lulu discovered my original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins last fall, at Kymberley Fraser's store 'A Beautiful Mess'.
They looked like this in her display:

Thank you again, Kymberley, for your support!