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creatively speaking...

for the past few months, i have posted a quote on social media every Sunday.
the quotes are always about creativity, 
these words of wisdom have been helpful to me while wrestling with some facets of my own creativity...

you see, a while back, i lost my joy in creating. 

oh there was still the undertaking of projects and posting about them online, 
but really it was pretty much just a lot of going through the motions 
and hoping that my mojo would return.
nothing about my creative process was easy or flowing or remotely satisfying.
add in the pressure of keeping up with what's happening on social media,
and the result was complete overwhelm and a shutdown of the creative cycle.

something had to change.
i began to journal and read and spend time in nature, getting away from screens 
that were filled with the results of other people's imagination and creativity, 
taking time to consider what my aching heart was trying to teach me.

and then... an epiphany....
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more glass globe pumpkins!

boho style, DIY, diy decorating, farmhouse style, fast cheap and easy, faux finish, found objects, Glass Globe Pumpkins, glass globes, junk makeover, junking, original designs, pumpkins, re-purposing, rustic style, fall, vintage, thrifted
 years ago - seven, to be exact - i made this original creation shown above. 
i call them 'glass globe pumpkins' because they are made from vintage glass light globes.
(the kind that hang on the ceilings of hallways & kitchens in old houses) 

more recently, i found some unique vintage glass lamp globes* and turned them into pumpkins - 
with a twist. i did something on these that i didn't do on the originals... 

continue reading to see the new versions!


fall picnic: a movable feast

fall, farmhouse style, entertaining, fast cheap and easy, garden, inspiration, neutrals, outdoors, seasonal, tablescapes, picnics, homewardFOUNDdecor.com
Fall is the perfect time of year for a picnic...
enjoying an alfresco meal that is elegant and fancy, plain and simple, or somewhere in the middle.
Keeping basic elements needed for a picnic ready to go in a basket or tote
makes it easy to enjoy a last-minute trip
to enjoy sunset on the beach or a temperate day at the local park...
Don't let the fact that summer is over keep you inside!

...continue reading to see just how easy it can be to create a Movable Feast!


a fall wreath-hanging secret!

decorating, DIY, diy decorating, decorating basics, farmhouse style, fall, garden, junk makeover, junking, on the porch, nests, neutrals, outdoors, re-purposing, rustic style, seasonal, wall art, wreaths, fall decor
 September has arrived, along with a refreshing cool front ('only' 91 degrees here this weekend!)
suddenly i found myself in a fall mood, ready to change up the front porch decor...
in true 'homewardFOUND' fashion, i started rooting around the garage to see what was on hand.
and in the process, i found something we bought back in JANUARY - and promptly forgot about.

we had a purpose in mind back then, but when i pulled it out of a box on Friday, 
i immediately came up with a completely different way to use it. 
(which is really no surprise to any of you, i am sure!)

there's a hint in the photo above, and when you continue reading, you'll see it!


pumpkins on point - needlepoint!

the original heirloom needlepoint pumpkins,  women supporting women, boho style, decorating, fall, farmhouse style, original designs, pumpkins, re-purposing, resources, Romantic Homes Magazine, rustic style, Thanksgiving, up-cycling, vintage, needlepoint
yes, my friends, it's THAT time of year again - pumpkin season is here!
and i am so excited to share with you some of the most unique and beautiful handcrafted pumpkins
that i have ever had the pleasure to see...

the Original Heirloom Needlepoint Pumpkins (TM) 

by smWollman Designs
handmade from carefully curated vintage needlepoint panels,
these charming creations express the richness of fall in a stunning new way.
each pumpkin is a one-of-a-kind creation, rare and never to be replicated.

the needlepoints used are handcrafted by 1000s of unknown hands 
over a span of many years, from across the country. and every needlepoint has a story to tell...
continue reading for more about these perfectly imperfect 'on point' pumpkins...


easy 5 minute fall tablescape

decorating, decorating basics, DIY, diy decorating, entertaining, fall, farmhouse style, fast cheap and easy, neutrals, rustic style, seasonal, simple solutions, style, summer, tablescapes, burlap, Scrabble tiles,Pinterest, Instagram, homewardFOUND decor
ever get one of those calls: "hi! we're in your area and thought we'd stop by..." ???
panic ensues, right? a whirlwind of activity starts the minute you hang up the phone:

throw the messes into the dishwasher and dryer and garage.
peer into the freezer to see if there's something you can whip up to feed guests.
clear the table of papers and projects and.... the TABLE! oh dear.

it's easy to pull something together quickly for a pretty tablescape...
continue reading to see what i pulled off in five short minutes a few days ago!


refresh those dried topiaries!

art class, decorating, DIY, diy decorating, fall, farmhouse style, fast cheap and easy, junk makeover, junking, makeover, neutrals, rustic style, summer, TOP TIPS, transitional style, topiaries, crafting,
years ago, i unearthed these two identical topiaries at the bottom of a thrift store bin.
i actually pulled on the first one because i saw the brass urn shape - never expecting anything to be attached.
when i saw the TOPS of the topiaries, i was underwhelmed.
however, i eyed them with my 'well, MAYBE they could be SOMETHING' look, 
and paid the whopping 50 cents each to take them home. 

the photo above was taken in one of my booths at a vintage show, 
where those two cheap topiaries (after a blow-dry cleaning and a bit of 'fluffing') sold for $12. EACH.
one man's trash, right?!!! it's easy to turn junk into decor!
i see dried up and worn out topiaries all the time, and chances are you might HAVE one - 
so i thought i'd share some easy tips with you for 'refreshing' them.
continue reading for details...


summer's not over yet!

antiques, beach style, coastal style, color palettes, entertaining, fall, farmhouse style, found objects, neutrals, rustic style, seashells, summer, tablescapes, vintage, white dishes
it's the last month of summer - no, it aint' over yet!!!

while it's still warm and sunny, why not invite friends, family, and neighbors over
to enjoy good food and hospitality... and easy summertime style.

simply combine vintage and new dishes & glassware,
along with some vacation souvenirs, found objects, and stuff you have around the house.
in no time at all, you'll be back on the beach! 

continue reading to see my easy tips for creating a stunning summer tablescape...


grocery store flower + herb bouquet

flower arranging, decorating, DIY, diy decorating, entertaining, flowers, garden, outdoors, summer, fall, white, transitional, herbs
welcome, August!
this last month of the summer season always slows me down. 
i find myself taking more walks, reading more books, just enjoying the 'now'
instead of constantly planning and making lists for all that is coming in the future...
and isn't that what summer is all about? being in the moment? enjoying life?

i take it easy when it comes to decor, as well. take flowers, for example... 
combining a grocery store bunch of mixed flowers with a handful of fresh herbs from my garden, 
i quickly created a stylish and fragrant late-summer bouquet!

continue reading to see my easy tips...


easy canvas awning valance

farmhouse, rustic, beach house, upcycle, repurpose, canvas drop cloths, windows, window treatments, diy, diy home decor, home decor, low cost decorating
we decided that the window treatments in our home would be simple and coordinated -
nothing heavy or complex to make the rooms feel closed in.
so white wood blinds went up first for privacy and sun control 
then simple side panels made of canvas dropcloths that fall from floor to ceiling,
adding softness to the hard edges.

when it came to the kitchen window, i needed something different.
and though i STILL haven't found the vintage metal awning i really want for this space,
i came up with a solution that gives the window style in the meantime...

continue reading to see how easy this faux awning valance was to make!


why i planted pvc pipes in my yard...

backyard, outdoors, landscaping, umbrella holders, patio umbrellas, outdoor decor, home decor, diy, diy decor, pvc pipe, homewardfound decor
when we designed our backyard, we had to work with some limitations
(as all design projects do)...
turns out, 'planting' a few pvc pipes on our raised bed slope solved one!

continue reading to see my easy DIY solution...


wood ladder easel

art, displaying art, DIY, diy decorating, decorating, farmhouse style, furniture, junk makeover, re-purposing, vintage, wall art, wood ladder easel, found objects, picket fence flag
in a recent post, i shared this 'found and foraged flag' project.
what i didn't share was the way i've chosen to display that flag art in my office:
on a ladder. oh, but it's not just ANY old ladder! 

continue reading to see how i modified it in just two easy steps... 


a found & foraged flag

fourth of July, flag, patriotic, flag wall art, flag art, beach style, farmhouse, neutrals, repurposing, junk, salvaged wood
you know, i love decorating with red white and blue
just as much as the next patriotic American... but... 
what if i don't want to use red and blue in my home, 
and want to stick with white + warm neutrals?

well... i found a way to do exactly that, and still have a focus on the flag for the Fourth of July!
i was cleaning out the garage (which may just be a summer-long project, i tell you...)
and found a bunch of materials left over
from when i closed the homewardFOUND shop last March.
when i looked at the weathered white fence pickets,
and the blue-ish zinc metal scraps, i saw a flag.

 so i got busy assembling it on the workbench...
and that metal in the top photo isn't what you think it is!

...continue reading to see how i made my own faux zinc!


turning the tables...

diy, decorating, home decor, outdoor furniture, furniture, tables, cable spool decor, use what you have, rustic, industrial, tables, junking, junk makeovers, beach, farmhouse
seems like every day, i see a photo on social media of tables made from wood cable spools.
it's kind of the 'orange crate' diy decor trend of the 70's reborn!

i've STILL not seen anyone do with them what *i* do with them:
pair the wood spool top with metal bases from other tables. 
because, you know, i always have to do things differently than other people!
we have quite a few variations on this theme at home - 
... continue reading to see what i've created!


diy headboard to a-door...

repurposing, upcycling, furniture, headboards, bedrooms, home decor, white, neutrals, beach style, farmhouse style, use what you have decorating, diy, diy home decor
in my book, making do with what you already have simplifies life,
and certainly beats buying more stuff...

when we moved into the new house, i had two choices:
or come up with something new.
i chose 'something new' - but of course i didn't go out and BUY a headboard!

keep reading to see what i did....


5 easy ways to summerize!

beach style, diy, diy home decor, decorating, slipcovers, white, summer, summer style, simple solutions, top tips, decorating tips, resort style, staycation style  
it's summertime... and the livin' should be easy!
it's time to simplify, lighten up, and create rooms that welcome a casual, fun, active lifestyle
to enjoy over the next few months.
i have a few simple ideas to make your home feel like a resort all summer long
without having to spend a lot of your vacation / stay-cation cash!

here are my top five tips for adding summer style to your rooms:


my hat trick!

hats, straw hats, summer, summer decorating, summer home decor, home decor, decorating, neutral home decor, farmhouse style, beach style, cottage style, vintage, seashells, glass vases
decorating with collections is an easy way to bring your own personality into your home, 
and changing them up seasonally is a fun way to change the 'wardrobe' your house wears!

i love straw hats, and have a nice collection (tho it is smaller than it used to be).
displayed in spring and summer, i often hang them on a pegrack or pile them all on a chair.
sometimes, i even hang them on a wall. yes, RIGHT on the wall, as seen here...
it's as simple as putting a few clear pushpins in the wall and plopping a hat on it.

a grouping like this makes it pretty easy to grab one when needed - and hey, it's free wall decor!

then there's that OTHER hat trick... continue reading to see what i used under those chapeaus!


beach in a jar

summer, original designs, diy decorating, DIY, decorating, seashells, Pinterest, beach style, beach in a jar, homewardFOUND
it's JUNE! that puts me in a summery mood, how about you?

way back in 2013, i shared '5 ways to decorate with seashells' in a post...
while they were all good ideas, i can say that based on pins, re-pins, and blog post visits, 
THIS ONE has been the overwhelming fave every summer since then.

it's a perfect time to revisit this easy summer decor project!

continue reading to see how simple it is to create variations of your own...


create a garden scarecrow using what?!

tutorial, garden, outdoors, backyard, upcycled, thrifted, tomato cage, garden art, junking, junk makeover, summer projects, wire mannequin
we finally had nice sunny weather this past weekend,
and i enjoyed working out in the backyard garden on a project that i've had in mind for months.
i am excited to finally share this easy tutorial with you! 

continue reading to see what i was working on... and how you can make one of your own!


re-purpose a fire pit!

DIY, diy decorating, decorating, fire pit, furniture, garden, junk makeover, outdoors, re-purposing, summer, backyard landscaping
when we planned + designed our backyard landscape, a fire pit was on the 'must have' list.
Mom had always wanted one, and i missed the huge one on my farm.

so, we created a spot for it, and then bought a simple metal one - 
no propane gas tanks to lift & carry, just something to safely burn half a firelog for an hour or so.
and we've used it exactly TWICE in the past two years. 

[we live in a canyon - a DRY canyon. high temps and high winds mean high fire risk.
too high to chance it. so, we don't use the firepit.]

one day i moved a round glass tabletop being stored inside the house, and this idea sprang to mind:
take this glass tabletop and put it on the firepit!
DIY, diy decorating, decorating, fire pit, furniture, garden, junk makeover, outdoors, re-purposing, summer, backyard landscaping
i put an inch or so of pea gravel in the bottom of the firepit, to cover the blackened area
and make it look a bit more 'terrarium'-like as a table.
it's perfect for a planter and some lanterns (which look lovely at night!)
and as a place to rest a drink while sitting in the chairs visiting. and we do!

i love that we found a way to USE this piece regularly, instead of having it just sit there...
the domed screen top that normally sits on the firepit is hanging on the wall in the garage,
quickly reachable if we have conditions where a fire is possible. 
DIY, diy decorating, decorating, fire pit, furniture, garden, junk makeover, outdoors, re-purposing, summer, backyard landscaping
wanna' take this idea further? plant succulents INSIDE the fire pit / table base!
if you put them in a removable tray, you'd still have the option of removing them to build a fire.

and of course, you could find a rusty ol' firepit at a yard sale or thrift shop for this project!

see more easy DIY ideas from our backyard here here and here 

shared online:

funky junk interiors |  diy salvaged junk projects #428


summer kickoff: red, white & blue

red white and blue, junk, repurpose, summer, party decor, entertaining, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, tablescape,  homewardFOUNDdecor.com
 over the years i've shared so many 'fast, cheap & easy'TM tips for decorating...
and my faves are always the party themes!

the 'official' start of summer is on the horizon! 
don't you agree that summer parties should be EASY to pull together? 
uncomplicated? fun? whimsical? and inexpensive? i thought you would! 
so let's use stuff we already have - nothing precious or expensive, just simple.

continue reading for one of my easiest centerpieces EVER - plus a few helpful tips...


tiki punch!

mid-century modern. contemporary, vintage, kitsch, tiki bar, backyard, home decor, diy, wood, trellises, painted, makeover, homewardFOUND decor blog
this recent project in our backyard makes me feel like we're time-traveling back to the sixties!
mid-century modern. contemporary, vintage, kitsch, tiki bar, backyard, home decor, diy, wood, trellises, painted, makeover, homewardFOUND decor blog
remember these guys? 
these Tikis were in Mom & Dad's backyard for over 20 years, and i featured their first 'makeover'
as part of my 'Thrifty Weekend Makeover' series here on the blog a few years ago.
(that post is really gettin' hits right now because of the 'one step bamboo fence makeover tip' in it!)

well, we saved those tikis when we moved to the new house
but we didn't think we'd use them... except for a party, maybe.
here in the desert /wine country, it just seems out of context to have Hawaiian decor.

then i saw some photos from Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Week.
and an idea came to mind for an area of our backyard that needed a little punch.

... keep reading to see how i created some TIKI PUNCH!


the grass is greener...

artificial turf, fake grass, backyard, landscaping, water conservation, water-smart, grass, yard, low-maintenance yard, easy landscape solutions
...when it's faux!

because we live in a dry desert climate here in SoCal, we work hard to conserve water.
(which cracks me up, having lived north of Seattle for 18 years with more water than i knew what to DO with!)
one of the things we've done to keep our consumption down
is the choice to install artificial turf when designing our backyard.
the color is perfect all year long, there is NO maintenance - just picking up a few tree leaves and rose petals,
and because all of our landscape plants are on a drip system, no one else needs to come back here.
it's our own private oasis!

continue reading to see how i used faux turf to solve a few challenges...


orange crush

dipped paintings, color blocking, wall art, framed art, color, orange, neutrals , diy crafts, home decor, wall decor, painting, color splash
one of the best things about decorating with a neutral palette is flexibility...
it's easy to add in a vibrant new color accent each season, to bring new energy to rooms.
adding in fresh accessories affects your rooms like an exclamation point!

here in the home i share with Mom, that accent color is most often orange.
Mom once painted the front door of my childhood brown and white tract house bright persimmon,
and planted marigolds in matching wood planters on the front porch...
it shocked the neighbors, but delighted me! i thought Mom was a genius! (i still do)

she's basically had a crush on orange for most of her life - it's a happy color! - so it works for us.

there's a secondary hallway in our home, and it's dark. even with a window at the end, it's just dreary.
it has needed a touch of warmth and light and color. of course, i figured that it would be orange!
and when i saw THIS on Pinterest, i knew it was the solution...

continue reading to find out what inspired me!


Mother, May I?

ok, friends, Mother's Day is this coming Sunday!
here are some easy and creative last-minute ideas for your celebrations...

continue reading to see all of my Mother's Day posts!


decorating makeover tips

color palettes, decorating, decorating basics, DIY, diy decorating, fast cheap and easy, furniture, makeover, re-purposing, room makeovers, tutorial, beach style, boho style, color, weekend makeover, summer
i think you might be convinced that doing your own makeovers is hard. 
and expensive. and that perhaps it's just tooooooo much for you to try. 
really want to dispel those doubts, and show you how to get started -
because it's all about USING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!

and you've made my room makeover posts some of the most popular here on homewardFOUND -
so let's revisit them and get some fresh inspiration!

continue reading for my 'how to' tips for your OWN free makeover...


When In Doubt, Paint It!

galvanized, paint treatments, krylon spray paint, hammered finish paint, painting, decor makeover, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, home decor, flower vase
when in doubt, paint it! that mantra has served me well for most of my life.
when something doesn't *quite* fit the plan or the design scheme,
paint sweeps in to save the day - and MONEY!
this project is a perfect example of how a quick change of color can make all the difference
between the dreaded 'keep or toss' decision.

continue reading to see how paint transformed and saved a leftover...


May Day 'Posie Pails'

tutorial, crafts, junk, junk makeovers, garden crafts, repurposed, upcycled, diy, diy crafts, May Day, flowers, nosegays, use what you have decor. home decor, spring
here's a simple tutorial for a May Day flower holder - from a tin can!
it's time to go back to the days when we left flowers on our neighbors' doorknobs
on May Day, don't you think?

this project, my friends, is a real 'blast from the past'...
not only did i paint hundreds and hundreds of my tin can pails for years,
but i also created this idea using seed packets as artwork for a simple DIY version...
and shared it here on homewardFOUND waaaaaaay back in 2013! yes, FIVE years ago!

...continue reading for my easy tutorial to make what i am now calling 'Posie Pails'!


Wrap a Vase in Lace for Mom!

flowers, vases, thrifted, dollar store, repurposed, upcycled, lace, lace tablecloths, lace doilies, vintage, flowers for Mom, Mothers Day, crafting, dollar store craft supplies
Dollar Store Crafts. we ALL do it! hey, if i can find cheap supplies for home decor, i'll use 'em.
the thing is, decor doesn't have to LOOK cheap... 
adding a simple flourish to an inexpensive element raises your decor from 'basic' to EXTRA.

case in point - these simple clear glass vases from the Dollar Tree. 
paired with a lace doily or section of a lace tablecloth, they look positively elegant for spring!

continue reading for more details...


a Tale of Two Tables...

tables, furniture, salvaged, junking, junk, reclaimed, wood, paint, signs, wall art, found objects, nature art, handpainted, handlettered, wood signs
 what do you do with a broken table?  i hang the tabletops on walls!

i came across a pair of oval end tables at a garage sale - and both had broken legs.
thing was, i loved the scalloped shape of them and the ogee edges, so i bought them -
and then took 'em home and removed all of the legs and the aprons.
now simply a flat surface, they were perfect for transforming into wall art...

one of them, shown above, got a few coats of eggshell white paint, a quick sanding, 
and a large picture hanger attached to the back to hang vertically - 
ready for whatever came next.

continue reading to find out what came next!


Rustic Signpost from Scrap Wood

rustic decor, farmhouse decor, country decor, rustic wood, handlettered, lettering, signs, backyard DIY, diy home decor
one of the projects i undertook this weekend was a refresh of something i created a year ago...
and those two lower boards shown above are the reason why.

this was inspired by fun directional signs in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure,
and i used scraps of wood left over from my Dad's workshop to create it. 
(there's a photo of the entire structure later in the post)
i needed a few more pieces of wood to add two new locations,
and i discovered a SUPER cheap supply secret at my local diy store!

continue reading to find out where you can find cheap wood for rustic signs...


diy Vintage Lamp Makeover - in 1 Step!

lamps, lighting, vintage lamps, paint, painting, one step painting, diy, diy home decor, decorating
paint is by far my favorite decorating tool...
it's inexpensive (sometimes FREE). it's easy to find. it's not hard to store.
and the possibilities of what it can DO are astounding!

sometimes a paint project requires additional elements and many steps
(like the faux concrete treatment i've shared - and the faux rust treatment that i HAVEN'T shared)
but sometimes, it's one step easy-peasy. that was this project... 
and just WAIT until you see the 'before'!!!

continue reading for the Before & After - AND my secret for a perfect gloss finish...


Tablecloth as Patio Umbrella Cover!

spring, summer, patio, garden, outdoors, outdoor decor, home decor, upcycle, repurpose, diy, diy home decor
last week, i showed you what i did with a glass round 'tabletop'
 that used to sit on top of the tablecloth on one of my Mom's pressboard 'accent tables'.
tables that i threw OUT when we moved. because... well... i really don't have to tell you WHY, right?! 

today, i'm going to show you what i did with a tablecloth that she used to have on that table!
continue reading to see how it moved up in the world...


Mirror, Mirror... Not at All!

upcycle, repurpose, furniture, vintage, antique, junking, junk, makeover, home decor, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, country, DIY
a number of years ago, i found this mirror frame in a thrift store...
it had been separated from the dresser it belonged to, and the mirror glass was missing,
so it was basically just an empty frame. a beautiful empty frame!
i couldn't pass up the $2 price tag, so i took it home...
and with a few easy steps and one super-cheap secret, it became what you see here:
a lovely framed bulletin board!

i made and sold that bulletin board as shown above, without a dresser.
to give you an idea of what it would look like if you did this to a mirror frame WITH a dresser:
upcycle, repurpose, furniture, vintage, antique, junking, junk, makeover, home decor, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, country, DIYupcycle, repurpose, furniture, vintage, antique, junking, junk, makeover, home decor, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, country, DIY
DISCLAIMER: these are not my dressers. these are not my photos, either - they were on a defunct sales site.
i've edited them to add
a burlap-covered bulletin board to the mirror frames to illustrate my idea.

ok, wanna' know my secret?
i use large acoustic ceiling tiles and cardboard boxes!

* they are inexpensive, and they work behind any fabric OR can be painted.
* they are lightweight and easy to work with - just cut with an electric knife!
* they come in large rectangular sizes, so they'll fit just about any frame -
a dresser mirror, like this, or a door with a window opening, or a window frame.
and get some tips for making your own version of this project!

shared online:

funky junk interiors | diy salvaged junk projects #422

yesterday on tuesday |  project inspire{d} #268


Tripping Was NOT in My Plan...

junking, furniture, upcycled, salvaged, diy, home decor, vintage, lampshades, tables
you know those bloggers that create a plan for their blog posts?
like, a three month list of what gets published when - and including what content ?
that must be nice.
i plan my seasonal content ahead, i do - but more often than not 
i find myself putting an unscheduled project together on the fly at the last minute, for one reason or another, 
and it turns out SO GOOD that i just have to share it. today's post is a great example.

oh, yeah, that 'last minute' part? you could add 'by accident' to that, too.
because i nearly had an accident in my studio - and that's how this particular project came about...

continue reading to find out how my klutziness worked in my favor!


Salvaged Cross Wall Art

easter, easter art, easter home decor, religious home decor, christian home decor, wood cross
 as fun as the bunny ear napkins were in my last post, 
i couldn't let Easter go by without sharing much more meaningful content...

the cross in the photo above is a wood planting box, 
handmade by an artisan* who gifted it to me in a parking lot. yes, a parking lot. 
his truck was parked next to me at a local nursery, and he walked out as i was getting out of the car.

i complimented him on the two planters that he had in his hands - the cross and this heart
and he told me his good news, that he had just landed an account for them to sell his planters.
he smiled a mile wide - then he handed the planters to me. 
i was shocked and tried to refuse them, saying he didn't need to 'pay' me for the compliment.

and that young man said something profound to me that will be forever linked to this cross planter:

'hey, good news needs to be shared, and celebrated!'

 yes, yes it does. 
and on Easter weekend, i can think of no Good News better than that of the Cross.

that particular cross is now something i see every day in my home.
when i was creating a gallery wall arrangement, i grabbed the cross planter from the potting bench,
intending to include it in my decor. but it needed something more... and it became a project!

continue reading to see what i did with it!


Tutorial: 'Bunny Ears' Napkins!

Easter egg hunts, candy, family time, Easter dinner, Easter brunch, Easter decorating, hosting family, Easter table decor, Easter decor , Easter bunny
here's a quick project to add sweet smiles to your Easter tablescape: 
make plain old napkins new: fold them into bunny ear shapes!
so easy the kids can do it - and they're sure to giggle the whole time!

continue reading for my simple tutorial... c'mon, hop to it!


Create a White Spring Tablescape

create a simple white tablescape for spring using what you have on hand with ideas from homewardFOUND decor
Easter and springtime are filled with symbolism of growth and life and celebration...
and there are so many ways to express the beauty of the season in a tablescape.

this simple farmhouse-style table decor focuses on white - 
in the linens, the dishware, the flowers, and the surrounding details
in a garden greenhouse setting.

continue reading for my one-step trick for making those mini glass domes!


Create a Vintage Spring Tablescape

 yes, that IS brown on my table - in springtime!!!
everywhere you look, pastels reign supreme for spring + Easter decor, 

but this year i just felt like breaking the mold.

i love neutrals, and it's SO easy to create a neutral setting then add in a pop of color.
i've decorated this way for years and years, and it's never boring or limiting.
using a basic three-color palette (varied hues of brown, yellow, and white)
i've taken my own spring farmhouse style in a new direction with this tablescape...

continue reading to see how!


Tutorial: Easy Napkin Rosettes

spring Easter tablescape inspiration napkin folding DIY home decor tutorial
while creating a few simple spring tablescapes for some upcoming blog posts,
i was playing around with my yellow napkins - and came up with this.
it's a simple project, and adds loads of style to your table!

continue reading for my easy tutorial...


Raid the Garden Shed for Spring Decor!

raid the garden shed for materials to use in your spring decorating - inside and out! homewardFOUNDdecor
Adding a few touches of natural elements to home decor each season
is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up our rooms
and make everyday life worth celebrating.

there's an easy way to get started on your spring decorating:
head out to your garden shed, greenhouse, or garage,

and raid it for all of the pots and trowels and rakes you can find!
these wonderfully worn elements are the perfect touch for your front porch,
front door, entryway, and INSIDE your home, too!

continue reading to see the many ways you can use clay pots as decor items...


Flower Frogs, My Way

vintage flower frogs homewardFOUNDdecor.com blog spring 2018
this apparatus is known as a 'flower frog'... and apparently, they are trending this spring!

continue reading to see what inspired me, and the ideas i came up with
for making flower frogs out of JUNK!


forward, march...

the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.... forward, march!
it's my favorite month of the year and i am ready to embrace spring!
to me, spring is all about fresh flowers and green grass, sunshine and rainstorms,
bringing nature's fresh green hue indoors and getting outside to enjoy it.

continue reading for a few of my easy DIY ideas for going green in march...