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sweet sparkling new year!

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we arrive at the end of the year, and the start of a new one...
we've made it, and that's cause to celebrate!

whether you gather with family, friends, neighbors, or a special person tomorrow night,
or spend a blissfully cozy evening alone in a bubble bath or watching The Ball drop,
i have a few last-minute ideas to share for making your New Year's Eve sparkle!

speaking of lifting spirits, continue reading for more...


NEW! Sweet Sweater Sips!

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oh, did you think i was DONE??? LOL. never!
i'll never run out of ideas for turning sweaters into decor...
and this one, well, it's just the perfect whimsical accent for winter!

this one actually isn't made from sweaters... it's something else.
but you certainly COULD use sweaters to create something similar.
(and don't miss the 'links to previous related content' below this post for even MORE ideas!)

so, grab a cuppa' something sippable, and
continue reading to see my newest original Sweet Sweater creations!


NEW! Sweet Sweater Candles

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Merry Christmas Eve!
today i'm sharing a craft project that came to mind LAST year -
i just didn't make them until this year!
this decor element is a fun way to use scraps of sweaters - and even some TRASH! -
but is also meaningful to me.

for me, Christmas is about Jesus' birth,
and celebrating the light that He brought into a world mired in darkness.

i love adding extra twinkle lights to my home in the dark days of winter,
lighting candles, and having a fire in the fireplace (it's faux, but that's ok!).
adding extra warm light sources feels cozy, and also enhances my mood.

continue reading to see just how easy making these faux candles is...


sweater-wrapped gifts

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when i choose a theme, my mind runs rampant with ideas
to incorporate that theme in every possible part of my decor.
case in point: the presents shown above.

it's not enough for me to deck the halls and mantels and doors and tree
in my preferred colors and materials...
i have to make the gift wrap match, too! LOL

this year i found three different ways to incorporate sweaters into my gift wrapping,
to coordinate with my Sweet Sweater Season theme...

continue reading for more inspo & info!


a sneaky stocking makeover

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when i can find a short-cut, i take it. no shame in that.
so when i saw some knit stockings at Target for a mere $3 each, i grabbed one!

by adding a one-step simple embellishment (NO SEW!),
i was able to change the look of the stocking so it fit my decor theme this year.

so if you see something out there that just isn't quite what you need,
get it anyway - and then MAKE it what you need!

continue reading for my EASY makeover!


sweater-wrapped + painted ornaments

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handpainted ornaments are trending this year,
so i wanted to somehow incorporate that into my sweet sweater season theme...
by using a soft yellow cable knit sweater as my inspiration,
i was able to replicate the tones and pattern onto plain white ornaments
and create decor that is unique to my own style.

along with those, i wrapped a few ornaments with sweater fabrics,
finding a way to put actual sweater pieces into the mix.

continue reading for the easy how-to's!


sweater-wrapped vases

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on a cold rainy fall day waaaaaay back in 2007,
i visited designer Danny Seo's blog...
and when i saw a photograph of something Danny had created, i was smitten.
the guy took old sweater sleeves and put them on clear glass vases!

i jumped up and grabbed an ivory cashmere sweater of mine
that had recently become to small for me to wear.
(i did not become too big to wear the sweater - that's my story and i'm stickin' to it!)
i cut the sleeves off of the sweater, popped them into some clear vases
then added candles and bare branches to them...
the result was a cozy grouping that warmed up my dining table.

(when i added some small pumpkins to the grouping and looked at them side by side,
 i thought up the very first Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!)

i've made a few different versions of sweater-wrapped vases over the years,
and this year i had fun combining a few ideas.

continue reading to see how vases and ornaments and sweaters are a perfect match...


a forest of Sweet Sweater Trees

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grab a cuppa' something, friends, because this post is LONG!
i'm sharing three different types of sweater trees with you today...
each one easy as pie to make from simple everyday materials.
(hmmmmnnn... pie's not a bad idea, come to think of it...)

you'll see previous versions of the items i used
along with their fresh new look for this year's cozy theme.

got your tea? coffee? cocoa? wine? LOL...
continue reading to see all the details of this project!


Sweet Sweater & Scarf wreath

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let's start off with a warm, welcoming touch for winter at the front door...
today, i'm re-visiting a past project: the scarf-wrapped wreath!
for this version, i've turned the scarf into the bow and covered the wreath with a sweater.

it's a easy and inexpensive way to create a wreath
that will work well wherever you place it - 
on the door, a wall, a mantel, or even lying flat with a glass-encased candle in the middle!

the bonus is that there are no needles falling off of this wreath!

continue reading for the easy details...


Scarf Christmas Card Holder - 3 ways!

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confession: i'm really awful at sending out Christmas cards. sigh.

in 'the old days', our annual family card was a huge production:
from selecting matching outfits (and then wrangling everyone INTO them),
arranging and decorating the perfect 'set', posing four rambunctious kids
(did i say four? let's be honest... the husband was as uncooperative as the kids),
snapping the photos, and then taking the film to be developed
and praying that at least ONE shot would work.

there usually was at least one.
except the year that my pre-teen son crossed his eyes in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO.
i chose one anyway and had it made into cards - with 'Bah Humbug' as the sentiment.
and now that my kids are grown and have their own families, they don't do photo cards...
apparently they are smarter than i was!

anyway, i still love GETTING cards. and finding fun ways to display them...
this year i've come up with three ways to do that using scarves.

continue reading to see my easy solutions!
(to displaying cards - not creating the photos for them. you're on your own, friends.)


Sweet Sweater Santa hat tutorial

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along with our homes, i think WE deserve some 'decorative' touches for the holiday season!

my original Sweet Sweater Santa hats have been my go-to December accessory for a decade now,
and wherever i wear them they garner smiles.
so i thought i'd share my SUPER easy method for making them!

continue reading for my easy NO SEW tutorial - 
PLUS some ideas for using them in other ways!


Sweet Sweater Nativity

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i've made a lot of things this year,
and this project ended up being my very favorite one.

i've selected it as my very first 'official' holiday decor post
because for me, this is the 'reason for the season' -
observing and celebrating the birth of Jesus.
it is at the foundation of my faith, and fills my soul with joy.

this project began with the beautiful blown glass art of artist Helle Mardahl...
i was so inspired by the luminous colors and soft forms of her art in photos on Instagram
and they immediately made me think of human forms.
i turned a few small ceramic vessels and some tiny tree ornaments
into a charmingly sweet and simple nativity scene that reflects her art.

after i added sweater scraps to the mix, i HAD to call this a 'Sweet Sweater Nativity'!

continue reading for the very easy details...


it's a 'Sweet Sweater Season' holiday!

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well, here we are, friends.... the holiday season is upon us!
i've been giving this year's theme a great deal of thought over the past months,
and have come up with something that isn't what you might expect to see.

i've decided to COMBINE holiday decor with winter decor!

combining two seasons into one ('holinter'??!)
means simplifying and focusing on creating decor that isn't specifically 'holiday'...
the goal is to S T R E T C H the decor impact from December all the way into February
so that i don't have to spend two weeks at the start of a new year
dealing with taking down the holiday stuff and putting out all-new winter stuff.

i really don't need more stuff.
i want less not more work after the holiday season!
i want more time for fun days on my brand new calendar,
and more time for reading and long winters' naps by the fire. or pool. whatever!
and this season, i'm making it happen.

are you in?! 

...continue reading for some sweet sneak peeks!


Thanksgiving tablescape

Thanksgiving,tablescapes,entertaining,fall,holiday,seasonal,diy decorating,paper crafts,pumpkins,painting,colorful home,Thanksgiving table decor,Thanksgiving table, paper leaves,painted pumpkins.
for my Thanksgiving table decor this year,
i've rounded up most of the newest pumpkins i created
along with my new Sweet Sweater 'Shrooms and scrap paper leaves.

together, they created a table with a warm golden glow that is perfect for fall
and i didn't have to buy a thing. LOVE that.

ps: at the end of this post, i've linked ALL of my Thanksgiving tablescape ideas
that you've seen here on the blog since i began in 2012!

continue reading to see the easy details...


fall paper leaf arrangement

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i've had to get creative to bring a fall feel into my home
(there's not a fall leaf in sight outside and it's still in the 90's... sigh)
but i've managed to find a way! it's PAPER!

some of the leaves from the wreath in my last post joined with new ones
along with faux florals + leaves and a branch from my backyard tree
to create this lovely fall arrangement.
it's easy-peasy AND it won't fall apart! (hah. pun not intended)

continue reading for more details...


honeycomb paper mushrooms!

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this project and post wasn't planned -
 i was recently inspired by a cute creation on Insta, and had to try it for myself.
it worked so well that i wanted to share it here...
so i'm popping it into my late fall content before i switch to holiday!

continue reading to see what inspired me and how EASY this project is!


fall wreath with scrap paper leaves

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here in Southern California, we don't get 'fall leaves'. 
not at my elevation, anyway. up in the mountains it's a bit different.
the leaves down here in the flat desert turn from green to brown in July when the heat hits.
if they aren't blown off of the trees by the Santa Ana winds in September,
they hang on until January when the new leaf buds push them off.

it's harder yet when you've lived somewhere else that actually has a fall season.
i really miss being able to forage the forest for glowing red, orange, and yellow leaves.
since that possibility no longer exists for me,
i had to find another way to express a fall feeling in my home this time of year...
and i found the solution in my recycling bin!

continue reading for a quick tutorial on turning scrap paper into fall leaves - and more!


NEW! Sweet Sweater 'Shrooms!

fall,Thanksgiving,entertaining,seasonal,Sweet Sweater Originals,Sweet Sweater 'Shrooms,thrifted,re-purposed,up-cycling,DIY,diy decorating,crafting,tutorial,fall home decor,mushrooms,diy mushrooms,sweater crafts, sweater mushrooms.
happy November, friends!
no, i am not done with fall yet!
there are so many beautiful things in nature in fall that inspire me...
and when i saw mushrooms of all types and materials going crazy online,
 i came up with my newest Sweet Sweater creation:

 Sweet Sweater 'Shrooms!

these are a fast, fun, easy craft / diy decor project perfect for fall and Thanksgiving
that i had a lot of fun making - i hope you will, too!

continue reading for my newest no-sew sweater decor tutorial...


last-minute 'pumpkin party' decor

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ever wondered how deb's muses work?
here's an example of the crazy ways things connect in my brain:

while in the process of cleaning up my studio
(an Herculean task, let me tell you....)
i found a plastic bag filled with some yellow paper party supplies
that i had picked up while out thrifting - and promptly forgot about!
the paper goods were immediately removed from the bag,
and tucked into a drawer where i keep all of the scrap paper & magazine tearsheets
so i wouldn't forget about them again - i'm in that drawer at least once a day.

just hours later, i scrolled through social media and saw a photo of a big fat bow,
thought 'that's cute', and kept scrolling. then i stopped.
in my mind, the big fat cute bow merged with the paper party supplies,
and became 'a pumpkin party' in my imagination...
pumpkins bedecked with ribbons and bows in a 'party' setting.

the combination of the two - plus some stickers and more party decor - 
turned out cheerful, happy, and so easy to create
and it took me just minutes to assemble the vignette shown above...
which makes it a PERFECT last minute decor idea,
and a great 'no carve' pumpkin decorating project for kids.

continue reading for the details...


give 'em pumpkin to talk about!

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for my final 'Halloween' post, i'm sharing some costumes!
they're a bit different that what that word might cause you to expect...
because they are all for pumpkins!

i dressed up my white pumpkins in hats, glasses, bow ties, lacy ruffs, masks, crowns,
and one spectacular wig.
they're ready for the costume parade - and they serve as great inspiration
if you're still looking for last-minute decor ideas!

continue reading to see how i raided the costume box and dressed up my punkies!


harvest moon shadow box

art,wall art,paper,paper crafts,pumpkins,Halloween,fall,DIY,diy decorating,home decor,thrifted,re-purposed,up-cycling,trash to treasure,dollar store crafts,fall home decor,Halloween home decor,Halloween decorating,haunted village mantel display,shadowbox art,Halloween shadowbox, miniatures.
miniatures are all the rage right now...
from dollhouses and tiny 'rooms' that sit on bookshelves
to tiny spaces behind walls and accessed by little 'fairy doors', 
it's a trend that engages our childlike imagination.

i was inspired by that to create a sort of miniature setting,
and chose to use a shadowbox frame as the structure for it.
a simple project that took very little time to assemble,
it makes use of items i have used in past projects...
and i hope it will inspire you to try something similar!

continue reading to see how it all came together...


decorate pumpkins with stickers!

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Halloween is comin' up quick... 
and if you're still looking for easy ways to decorate, i've got 'em!

this pumpkin decorating method ticks all the boxes:
fast     cheap     easy    no-carve     no clean-up   kids can do it 

and the results are loads of fun, too!

continue reading for a really sneaky way to get fabulous 'last minute' pumpkins!


repurposed planter pumpkins

pumpkins,outdoors,seasonal,fall,DIY,diy decorating,home decor,neutrals,farmhouse style,Halloween,junk makeover,trash to treasure,re-purposed,thrifted,up-cycling,garden art,salvaged,painting,fall home decor,Halloween decor,Halloween home decor,Halloween decorating, pumpkin decor,decorating with pumpkins,plant pot pumpkins.
i can't even say this is a 'craft' project...
it's more like an 'arrangement' project.
it's just stacking things together to make pumpkins!
SO easy - and flexible.

it will work in any color, any size, any style:
i'm into a black and white (with accents of yellow!) palette this fall,
but these would be elegant in gold & white, mod in chrome silver and white,
boho chic in terra cotta, and traditional in varied orange tones.

continue reading for the details - and more ideas!


paint + paper picture frame pumpkins

art,wall art,Halloween,fall,home decor,DIY,diy decorating,painting,re-purposed,thrifted,up-cycling,paper,paper crafts,pumpkins,Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,neutrals,white,farmhouse style,trash to treasure,Halloween home decor, Halloween decorating,pumpkin decor, decorating with pumpkins,trash to treasure pumpins,junk pumpkins,painted pumpkins,black and white Halloween decor.
creating seasonal decor accents with paint and paper is my jam.
i love taking something i already have, combining it with scraps of this and that,
adding some paint, and turning it into something new
without spending a cent.

it's 'green'/eco-friendly, no-cost, easy to do,
keeps stuff from being 'stuffed' into storage boxes until it's that season again,
and it's a great way to ensure that my decor is unique and one of a kind.
i'm able to embrace current trending looks - with my own twist.
like..... yellow. yup. still doin' my yellow thing. alllll year long!

while these photos do indeed have yellow in them,
the project is graphic black and white - which is not just perfect for Halloween,
but easily incorporated into nearly any color scheme.
or, you know, altered to fit any color scheme...
you want orange? great! swap out the black for orange!
maybe you embrace all neutrals? okay! use soft sand instead of black with white.

and if 'cute' isn't your vibe, picture these made from elegant gold frames
filled with vintage book pages or wallpaper, with gold-painted wire 'stems'.
i want to inspire you to make it yours!

continue reading for details...


white wire basket pumpkins

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i use a lot of containers in my studio (and home) to try to be organized.
wire baskets like these from the Dollar Tree help corral my copious stash
of craft & art supplies, and various small bits & pieces that i use and re-use in projects.

i was today years old when i looked at them and saw pumpkins instead!!!
similar to the gold wire basket pumpkins that i shared last month,
they are SO easy to make.

continue reading for the easy how-to...


NEW! Sweet Sweater Spookies!

fall,Halloween,Sweet Sweater Originals,sweet sweater spookies,re-purposed,up-cycling,trash to treasure,salvaged,junk makeover,tablescapes,entertaining,just for fun,home decor,DIY,diy decorating,crafting with sweaters,Halloween decor,cute ghosties for Halloween,cute Halloween decor,use what you have decorating,sweater weather.
this is quite possibly the EASIEST project i've ever undertaken...
and it was an idea that popped into my head as i was washing dishes!

i re-use plastic storage bags, washing them after use (unless they are greasy)
then placing them upside-down over a glass to dry.
as i did that one morning, i absentmindedly thought 'hah ha! he looks like a ghost!'
and then i stopped, looked again, and this crazy idea hatched in my brain.

so bear with me, and come along for the craziness!

continue reading for the details...


'dipped' faux concrete pumpkins

faux finish,farmhouse style,home decor,thrifted,colorful home,diy decorating,Thanksgiving,,fall,DIY,painting,boho style,Halloween,fall home decor,decorating with pumpkins,pumpkin decorating,painted pumpkins,faux concrete painting tutorial
one of my most popular fall tutorials since i published it seven years ago
has been my faux concrete painting tutorial.
i've used this treatment on just about every kind of pumpkin,
as well as on styrofoam wig heads, lamps, urns, and even a swan planter
to achieve an elegant 'statuary' effect.

this year, i'm combining that faux concrete look
with a current trend: the 'paint dipped' accent color.
it's been applied on the legs of furniture, the bottoms of picture frames, and more
in many popular shelter mags, websites, and products...
but i haven't seen it done on pumpkins yet!
both paint applications are quite easy - with endless variations possible.

continue reading for more details, a link to my faux concrete tutorial,
and a secret hiding in the photo above!


gradient pumpkins

faux finish,farmhouse style,home decor,thrifted,colorful home,diy decorating,Thanksgiving,Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,fall,DIY,painting,boho style,Halloween,fall home decor,decorating with pumpkins,pumpkin decorating,painted pumpkins,color spectrum decor.
want a really easy way to decorate for fall?
one that makes use of things you already have?
choose one color, and gather up everything you have in that hue.
then arrange items from light to dark - or mix 'em all up.

and if what you have is a mish-mash of colors,
you can always paint things a new color! that's what i did.

continue reading for some simple transformation ideas...


salvaged silver pumpkin coach

fall,DIY,diy decorating,re-purposed,up-cycling,salvaged,thrifted,home decor,pumpkins,Thanksgiving,Halloween,junk makeover,trash to treasure,vintage,vintage style,farmhouse style,fall decorating,fall home decor,decorating with pumpkins,salvaged pumpkins,junk pumpkins,upcycled pumpkins,repurposed pumpkins.
if you've been around for awhile, you know that i've got a thing for pumpkins...
it all began with my sweet Grandpa Ward, who had a nickname for me:
his little pumpkin eater. 
i have always thought he called me that because of my rusty, pumpkin-y auburn hair
and i sure wish i would have asked him about that before he died when i was 15.

because of that nickname, i've collected pumpkins for most of my life.
and every year when fall rolls around, as i decorate with some of them,
i can hear the echoes of his voice calling me that pet name.

this project brings together two special things about my Grandpa:
his nickname for me, and his time building many of the attractions at Disneyland.
and though i bet you can name the film and the Disney Princess connected to it,
there's another inspiration that helped to bring this idea to life...

continue reading for more!


salvaged silver tray pumpkins

fall,DIY,diy decorating,re-purposed,up-cycling,salvaged,thrifted,home decor,pumpkins,Thanksgiving,Halloween,junk makeover,trash to treasure,vintage,vintage style,farmhouse style,wall art,wreaths,fall decorating,fall home decor,decorating with pumpkins,salvaged pumpkins,junk pumpkins,upcycled pumpkins,repurposed pumpkins.
salvaged silver trays paired with simple kitchen serving tools
become elegant pumpkins in this project,
and can be adorned with just about anything you choose...
the fall leaves here include yellow tones to fit my 2021 obsession!

continue reading to see how easy assembly is!


gold wire basket pumpkins

coastal style, beach style, decorating, diy decorating, re-purposing, white, DIY, vintage style, boho style, neutrals, metallics, vintage, thrifted, fall, pumpkins, fall decorating, pumpkin decor, decorating with pumpkins, diy pumpkins, wire pumpkins, fall home decor, farmhouse decor, boho chic home decor, boho chic fall decor, Dollar Tree crafts, Dollar Tree DIY.
 i just love finding something that can be turned into something else.
case in point: these gold metal wire baskets from Dollar Tree.
not only are they great for storage & organizing, they are also a 'raw element' for crafts.

i used four of them to create three different kinds of pumpkins,
and it was truly one of my trademark 'fast, cheap, & easy' efforts!
of course, you could do this with old galvanized wire baskets, as well.

continue reading for my easy new tutorial...


faux 'kintsugi' pumpkins

coastal style,beach style,decorating,vintage style,farmhouse style,Glass Globe Pumpkins,thrifted,diy decorating,re-purposing,pumpkins,white,fall,DIY,vintage,boho style,neutrals,painting,faux finish, pumpkin decor, decorating with pumpkins, diy pumpkins,glass globe pumpkins,glass pumpkins,fall home decor,farmhouse decor,boho chic home decor,boho chic fall decor
i am always amazed by how my creative muses get my attention!
after bumping a vase and having it crash to the floor (ending up in tiny pieces),
an ancient art form came to my mind.

the 15th-Century practice of kintsugi, meaning ' to join with gold ',
is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by re-joining broken parts
with lacquer that has been mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.
the result is an elegant art form,
making the vessel stronger and more valuable than it was before breaking.

here at homewardFOUND, re-purposing and upcycling old, used, cast-off items 
is my way of embracing the same philosophy - and applying it to home decor.
giving things a second chance, a new purpose, is not only budget-friendly and 'green',
but immensely satisfying from a creative standpoint.

i've applied the kintsugi aesthetic to these pumpkins for fall decorating,
and i love the way an age-old art can look so fresh and contemporary!

continue reading to see how easily you can achieve this look, too...


make a 'harvest time' sign from a clock!

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here's a timely project for you: turn a wall clock into a sign!

with a 'harvest time' message, it's perfect for fall decorating
inside your home or on your front door...
and a great way to re-purpose a pretty but broken clock.

continue reading for the easy-peasy details...


floral painted pumpkins

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i recently went thrifting in Palm Springs
 and found some beautiful vintage china with yellow roses and gray & brown leaves.
the moment i saw them, i pictured a new version of a project that i created last fall:

 last November, i painted some of my ceramic pumpkins
with floral motifs that matched my brown English Staffordshire china collection:
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they were a HUGE hit on social media (thank you all!)
and even won a creative 'pumpkin decor' challenge!
last year i also painted some mini pumpkins with the Jewel Tea 'Autumn Leaf' pattern
to match my grandma's ceramic collection.
i envisioned a similar paint treatment that would match the 'new' vintage yellow rose china,
creating the perfect additions to a beautiful fall mantel or table this year.

many people get a similar effect gluing pretty paper napkins onto pumpkins. that's ok.
but i love to paint, and i'm able to replicate the design from the plate, so i do it that way.
honestly? it's not hard. and it doesn't have to be perfect.
the end result is a very elegant fall decor accent that i made myself - and that no one else has.
  i LOVE that part!

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time for Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!

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it's september! fall is on the way... and fall means pumpkins.
so it's time for me to share my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!

the most famous - infamous??? - thing i've ever created,
since 2009, these cute lil' upcycled gourds have appeared in
home decor magazines, on home decor websites, in a 'designer gift crate' selection,
and have been sold in dozens of shops & shows, as well as here on the blog.

i only stopped making them for sale because my carpal tunnel was outta' control
(i was single-handedly creating hundreds of them each year),
so then i taught classes and made my tutorial available here on the blog
to help others make their own versions using my ridiculously easy method.

continue reading for more info on making your own!


boho chic: glass globe pumpkins

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a decade ago, i created pumpkins using glass lamp globes.
i searched the innerwebs and found that nothing like them existed then,
so they are the 'originals' as far as i can tell...
i've made a few more of them over the last ten years,
and many other people have made their own versions, too! 

last month when i stumbled upon four matching white glass lamp globes at ReStore,
i decided to re-visit this project...
then paid a crazy-cheap price of just 2.00 each and brought them home.

as i looked around my studio for  various objects to become stems,
i also found a few more elements that became 'toppers' for a chic finishing touch.
all in all, i came up with five different styles of pumpkins - using the same glass globes!

continue reading to see how truly easy this diy fall decor project is!


boho chic: lace-embellished pumpkins

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these stylish pumpkins are a combination of TWO of my past projects:
i've adorned my faux terra cotta painted pumpkins with lace,
one of them exactly as i did when i made my crochet & lace pumpkins.
[links to those below this post]

this project actually started out as a completely different idea:
i was going to PAINT white mehndi-inspired lace motifs on my faux terra cotta pumpkins.

then the heat index went haywire, deb got headaches, and it just didn't happen.
the idea to use real lace on them came to me one night - and i love the result!
it's a REALLY easy way to embellish pumpkins for a look that's trending right now.

continue reading to see how easy it is to get these effects...


boho chic: crochet + lace pumpkins

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i love coming up with new 'takes' on my own Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,
and the two i'm sharing in this post were a fun way to give a whole new vibe to them.

a crochet textile from the thrift store and some lace curtain panels
are the perfect way to get a boho look for your fall decorating...

continue reading to see how easy these versions are to make!


boho chic: floral wreath

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boho style is everywhere, and as pretty as it is, it can be PRICEY!
i much prefer to create something using what i have on hand already - 
which isn't just budget-friendly. it's earth-conscious, too.

this easy wreath project is a perfect accent for August... the 'golden hour' of summer.

continue reading for details on the construction + the re-purposed materials i used!


boho chic: lace vases

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it's easy to take inexpensive materials and turn them into a luxe look.
this pretty bohemian vase and floral arrangement are a great example...

made from two thrifted vintage cotton lace doilies and tassels,
a glass vase and two bunches of fake flowers from Dollar Tree,
arranged with wood beads and rattan wreaths that i had on hand here at home,
it gives a relaxed late-summer vibe to my office
 and also subtly fits my current yellow obsession ;) 

continue reading to see how easy it is to transform a cheap glass vase...


boho chic: lace dreamcatcher

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macrame' and i have a history. and it ain't good.
about... oh, forty one years ago... i made a macrame' plant holder for my daughter's nursery.
i remember sitting (pregnantly) in my rocking chair, surrounded by yards of white yarn,
doing my best to keep the three parts even and getting very frustrated. 
i was miserable.
i finished it, and it wasn't awful, but i never attempted to macrame' anything ever again.

but i found a 'cheater' way to get a similar effect!
i just used it to create this boho style dreamcatcher, 
so i thought i'd share it for those of you who don't relish making a million little knots in a row. ;) 

continue reading for my easy tutorial...


boho chic: crochet lace umbrellas

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you know i love using things in ways they were never intended to be used,
so is it any surprise that i use lacy cotton crochet tablecloths on canopies & umbrellas?
probably not!

 ten years ago at a vintage show, i created a fancy 'valance' on a simple IKEA net bed canopy
by draping a cotton crochet lace tablecloth over the hanging hoop at the top.

this look fits right in with the 70's aesthetic so popular right now,
and a perfect addition to any backyard or event decor this summer & early fall.
i'm sharing the ways i've used lace to update decor elements overhead
 as part of my august 'look back' at past projects... 

continue reading to see more ways to use crochet & lace for a boho vibe!


boho chic: embellished hats

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i know, i know... a fashion accessory isn't exactly within my purview here at homewardFOUND.
but if you hang it on a wall or a door, it's decor. wink.

i recently dolled up one of my straw hats to wear to a party at the beach,
and it was so easy and so much fun that i decided to share it here on the blog.
i have a feeling you'll be inspired to make your own -
for your head, or as a perfect summer home accent!

continue reading to see how easy it is to embellish a straw hat for summer...


boho chic: backyard cabana

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august always feels to me to be the most relaxed part of summer...
as the light changes to a richer hue with autumn's approach,
i see this month as 'Summer's Golden Hour' and want to lean into the slower pace.

so for the next few weeks, i'll be re-visiting some of my past blog content
featuring some 'boho chic style' that fits current design + decor trends.
(and i've tucked in some NEW versions of those projects, too!)
 i hope you are inspired to try some of them!

continue reading for the biggest, baddest, 'boho-est' project i've ever undertaken...
and learn my tips on how YOU can do it, too!


painted pineapple planters

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i'm in a tropical state of mind, if you can't tell...
since i can't visit the island this year, i'm creating a tropical vibe here at home!

when i ran across an item at the 99 Cents Only store recently,
i immediately saw how i could easily transform it into a tropical decor accent...

continue reading for the easy how-to!


yarn + twine pineapples

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as i was making my new Sweet Sweater Pineapples
(shared in my last post - link below)
i came up with a few more ideas for easy-peasy pineapple crafts...
like, SO easy. kids can do this easy. no adhesive easy.

continue reading for the two-step tutorial -
PLUS another way to make a 'sweater' pineapple!


new! Sweet Sweater Pineapples!

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sweaters? in SUMMER?
over the past 14 years, i've come up with all kinds of ideas using sweaters as crafting material,
and created nearly a dozen different 'Sweet Sweater' Originals...
a few of those are food:  pumpkins, popcorn, ice cream - and now, pineapples!

the tropical vibes are so strong with this one,
i can almost hear the ukelele music playing...
pour yourself a mai tai or some pineapple juice
continue reading to for my sweet n' easy tutorial!