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create a living nest

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i thought this project up months ago and am so happy to finally share it!
this 'living nest' idea was spurred by a photo i saw online:
my thought was, why not take the 'living wreath' topiary
and turn it on its side?! would it resemble a nest?

so then i had to experiment a bit to see if that idea would work out in reality. 
continue reading to see how it did!


woodsy brown Thanksgiving tablescape + 25 more!

fall,Thanksgiving,tablescapes,entertaining,decorating,re-purposed,up-cycling,farmhouse style,rustic style,Thanksgiving tablescape,Thanksgiving decor.
a few years ago i created a lovely Thanksgiving table setting
and never shared it on the blog!
i just ran across the photos in a file, and decided they need the spotlight...
even though there's not a single touch of yellow in the photos ;) 
(i think i DID share it on Instagram that year)

the rustic woodsy warmth of this table decor exemplifies fall to me,
and i loved the way the elements reflect traditional style.

continue reading for the details...


diy tomato cage 'cornucopia' door + wall decor

Thanksgiving,fall,home decor,DIY,diy decorating,wreaths,tomato cage crafts,Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,dollar store crafts,wall art,rustic style,farmhouse style,tutorial, DIY cornucopia,Thanksgiving cornucopia.

are you one of the few people in the world
who is looking for some Thanksgiving decor?
who hasn't moved on to decorate for Christmas already?! 
i'm one of you - and my next few posts will center on this holiday that i really love!

last November i shared my tutorial for making a cornucopia
using a wire tomato cage and some burlap.
this year, it's been elevated from the tabletop
to hang on the door as a gorgeous 'wreath'
or as welcoming 'wall art' anywhere in your home.

continue reading for all the details (and a link to my previous tutorial)


coco fiber planter liner pumpkins

fall,pumpkins,DIY,diy decorating,seasonal,tropical style,boho style,beach style,coastal style,rustic style,re-purposed,up-cycling,coco fiber planter liner pumpkins,natural material diy pumpkins,tropical pumpkins,boho pumpkins,crafting with natural materials, tutorial
i spied this item one day at Lowes - do you know what it is?
in my endless search for things i can turn into tropical decor for our home,
i'm always looking at textures and colors that work - on the cheap - 
and this looked for all the world like a giant coconut to me!

turning it into a pumpkin was easy-peasy - 
so much so that creating the tutorial for this post took me MUCH longer
than actually MAKING the pumpkin!

have you figured out what i used yet??
continue reading to see the answer... plus a few variations!


make a 'harvest time' sign from a clock!

fall,wall art,painting,re-purposed,salvaged,up-cycling,art class,DIY,diy decorating,farmhouse style,industrial,rustic style,seasonal,thrifted,trash to treasure,wreaths,fall home decor, fall door decor,fall door wreath, fall wreath,handpainted signs,harvest time sign,wall art signs
here's a timely project for you: turn a wall clock into a sign!

with a 'harvest time' message, it's perfect for fall decorating
inside your home or on your front door...
and a great way to re-purpose a pretty but broken clock.

continue reading for the easy-peasy details...


fabulous faux mantel & logs

Christmas,Christmas Decor,boho style,farmhouse style,rustic style,paper,paper crafts,crafting,dollar store crafts,re-purposing,up-cycling,trash to treasure,woodcrafts,furniture,holiday,winter,DIY,diy decorating,diy home decor,diy projects,salvaged wood projects,Christmas frieplace mantel, faux woodgrain, faux wood,faux fireplace,fake fireplace decor,home decor,make it yourself, use what you have,Christmas decorating,holiday decor,holiday decorating,make a fake fireplace with fake wood logs
before i ever began concepting or creating this years' holiday decor,
i decided that it was finally time to create a prop that i've longed for:
a fireplace mantel.

we don't have one - ours is just a Craftsman--style cabinet with a faux electric fireplace in it.
it's very nice, but it has no mantel. and hanging above it is a television.
not exactly picturesque.

wanting a setting that would work as a backdrop to my holiday decor content,
i looked at what i had already, and came up with a plan...
my faux fireplace mantel would live in my studio/office,
providing easy access for setups and the best light to be had around here.

scraps of wood from the garage made easy work of it,
and they will come apart easily when i decide it has served its purpose.
that's my kind of decorating!

continue reading to see details - AND how to make those fab faux logs!


diy wood slat shade / privacy screen

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living here in the semi-desert of Southern California means we get a lot of sun.
for four years, i've been struggling with - and have tried - many ways to block that sun
so that we can enjoy our patio and backyard in the late afternoon.
but along with the sun is wind. Santa Ana winds and strong daily afternoon winds.
those winds have torn down every umbrella and shade cloth and curtain i've hung.

finally a bright idea dawned on me - make it wood!
the simple solution was to repeat another element of our landscaping
and create a wood screen to withstand wind and block the afternoon sun.

the best part of this project? it makes use of a pre-made element available at Lowes.
paired with an item i already had, it became the perfect shade screen for us - 
and would work as a privacy screen, as well!

continue reading to see how simple this outdoor diy project is...


faux terra cotta pumpkins + tutorial

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the decor is simple on our porch this year...

just a few select elements combine to give our entryway a fall mood.
(no, that's not a photo of our porch! i'll probably share that on Insta) 
however, real pumpkins are not an option when it's still over 100 degrees.

my solution to that dilemma was to gather up the pumpkins we have on hand
(plus the new-to-me 'Funkin' faux pumpkin that i found at a thrift store
and used in my recent fall harvest scarecrow project)
and give them a cohesive look... 

and i did that with paint, of course!
art class, color, color palettes, crafting, crafting with kids, decorating, DIY, diy decorating, fall, painting, pumpkins, re-purposing, up-cycling, tutorial, painting tutorial, faux paint treatment, faux terra cotta paint tutorial, painted pumpkins, fall decor, front porch decor, october decorating, farmhouse style, boho style, rustic style, cottage style, faux terra cotta pumpkins, use what you have decorating, autumn decor, Halloween decor
continue reading for my easy 'faux terra cotta' paint' tutorial...


fall flip: guest room update

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back in August, i shared the no-cost makeover i created in our guest room - 
a cool, refreshing boho mod style in tones of greens and accented with succulents.

no one has come to stay with us since then, but i've just updated the decor...
and even though there isn't a pumpkin or a leaf in sight,
adding the color orange really works to to bring in a 'fall' mood.
(it's still hot here. but it's October now, so i have to accept the inevitable!)

continue reading to see how a few small changes made a BIG difference
 in the way this room feels...


fall harvest scarecrow

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an unexpected find of a two dollar faux 'Funkin' pumpkin at a local thrift shop
was the impetus for this quick, easy fall decor project... perfect indoors or out!

(and no, i wasn't shopping. or, rather, i didn't PLAN to be shopping! i went to the thrift store to drop off three bags of used books.
but the door was open... and i was weak... and so.... i came home with a pumpkin. and three MORE bags of books. but i digress...)

that lightweight foam pumpkin became the head of this cute fall scarecrow.
made with items already on hand - including grass trimmings from our yard -
he came together really fast.

continue reading to see what's holding him up!


why 'seasonal' decorating?

winter, spring, summer, fall, autumn, holiday, seasonal, decorating, home decor, diy,  diy decorating, seasonal decor, room makeover, restyled, decorating on the cheap
i get that question a lot: "why do you change your home decor with the season?"

it's not such a foreign concept, really. most people do this at certain points in the year -
Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July, Easter.
they bring out decor elements that are specific to those holidays to enhance their enjoyment.
i grew up with a Mom who did that, making holidays special.

decorating for winter, spring, summer, and autumn is a similar approach...
simple, subtle changes in color and accessories can make a dramatic difference
in how a room feels, and how i live in it.

for example, the room shown above... it's filled with warm neutral hues and soft textures,
the perfect place to cozy up on a rainy fall day.
but i wouldn't want to live in it like that during a hot summer!
with a few simple changes, the mood shifts and the room feels appropriate to the season.
every season brings a new design scheme, refreshing the space and me with new energy. 
and when i say 'new design scheme', i'm not talking totally redecorating a room.
i'm not advocating spending a bundle - of money OR time - several times a year.
easy changes - swapping out colorful accessories and bringing in touches of nature - 
are my main methods for bringing the beauty of a new season indoors.

it doesn't take a lot of money or effort to get results like this - just imagination!
continue reading to see the room above change through the seasons of a year...


a succulent tablescape

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this final post for august wraps up my recent succulent / cacti obsession,
which i think is a great way to bridge the hot 'summer into fall' seasonal change.

today, i'll share how i took some of the elements that i created for the
no-cost, use-what-you-have guest room makeover
and found a whole new way to use them... on the dining table.

this clean, crisp, contemporary nature-based composition
fits so many decor styles: boho, rustic, industrial, modern,
and will work indoors and outdoors to make entertaining really easy!

 you'll also find a quick tutorial for making one last version 
of faux succulents to decorate with.
continue reading...


garden junk in the bathroom?!

boho style, color palettes, diy decorating, DIY, decorating basics, dollar store crafts, farmhouse style, junk makeover, makeover, painting, re-purposing, room makeovers, rustic style, summer, fall, trash to treasure, up-cycling, succulents, cacti, rusty metal, salvaged metal, vintage metal hose bracket, repurposed towel hangers
you can't give a guest room a new look without foofing up the guest bath, too...
i completed that task using things i had on hand in a new way, and it didn't cost a cent!

one of the projects i completed for this quick makeover 
was a variation of something i've done before with a certain piece of junk.
the other was painting some fun and funky faux cacti - using a pretty unusual material. 

continue reading to see more!


faux succulent wreath & wall decor

art, boho style, DIY, diy decorating, fall, farmhouse style, faux plants, industrial, junk makeover, junking, re-purposing, rustic style, salvaged, summer, sweaters, Sweet Sweater Succulents, up-cycling, trash to treasure, wall art, weekend makeover, faux succulents, sweater crafts, sweet sweater succulents
 when it came to wall art in our newly 'refreshed' guest room, 
i re-thought the currently hot trend of 'basket groupings' on walls
and went with a grouping of repurposed rusty metal items instead.
resembling woven baskets, they give the room a 'boho' feel - in a unique way.

my take on 'modern boho style' is less earth-child hippie and a bit more mid-century in feel.
and there's a reason for that:

during my sophomore summer, one of my jobs was selling imported baskets at the swap meet -
it was a hot, sweaty, physical job that a friend and i did every weekend all summer long.
we had to drive a junky old 'three on the tree' van to the drive in, unload it,
set up displays of the baskets, and then sit there all day convincing people to buy them.
then we had to load up anything that didn't sell. it was exhausting.
the only redeeming quality of it was the paycheck and spending time with my friend.

so now i have an aversion to baskets being used as they were back then! (the late 70's)
i like this solution... and just wait until you get a closer look at those succulents!

continue reading to see all of the details and 'how-to's'...


no-cost diy boho guest room decor

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my home is basically a laboratory. a design 'test kitchen' of sorts.
every space is fair game for me to try out ideas, 
without worrying whether or not they'll work. if not, i try a new approach!

recently i had some ideas for some new decor that would bridge summer into fall,
with a bit of a 'modern boho' vibe. 
i just wasn't ready to remove all of the fun tiki style details
that we are enjoying in our main living spaces this summer.
so i took a peek into the guest room... and found a willing volunteer.
this room has been the same for four years, and it's long past time for a refresh!

i got to work and created a buncha' new projects, then restyled the room in a day.
i used what i have on hand here at home, so a whole new look didn't cost me a cent.
(all of those projects will be getting the spotlight in upcoming posts)

continue reading to see the before, during, after - and all of the details!


repurposed wood crate entry decor

decorating, DIY, diy decorating, farmhouse style, garden, garden art, inspiration, junk makeover, neutrals, on the porch, re-purposing, rustic, rustic style, salvaged, summer, trash to treasure, wood crate decor, front porch decor, succulents
decorating with succulents and cacti is a hot design trend right now...
these easy-care, high-impact plants are making appearances 
in mod boho bedrooms and rustic farmhouse dining rooms,
as well as on back decks & front porches everywhere.

last summer, i was inspired by a very creative display idea at a store, 
so i re-created a budget version of it in our front entry, using succulents.
i never shared this project in a blog post, so it's time to make up for that.
(plus, it ties in beautifully to a whole new series of posts i'm prepping for August!)

continue reading for the details


diy galvanized birdbath

DIY, diy decorating, farmhouse, farmhouse style, garden, garden art, industrial, junk makeover, outdoors, re-purposing, rustic style, salvaged, summer, tomato cage crafts, up-cycling, trash to treasure, galvanized metal, birdbath
while songbirds love to come and splash in our backyard salvaged galvanized bucket fountain,
i noticed that the tiny wrens and hummingbirds who visit us don't go near it.
perhaps the bubbling water frightens them, or the buckets are too deep for their use...
it seemed to me that a birdbath was called for.

i went looking around the yard and garage to see what we had that i could use to build one,
and found two items that combined perfectly for this project.

continue reading to see how to make a simple and easy birdbath for your garden!


salvaged junk potting bench

creative spaces, DIY, diy decorating, farmhouse style, fast cheap and easy, garden, furniture, industrial, junk makeover, junking, outdoors, re-purposing, rustic style, salvaged, spring, up-cycling, vintage, potting bench, galvanized metal, in the yard
spring and summer bring out my green thumb,
and having a potting bench to plant, replant, and putter around on is a necessity.

me being me, though, i'm not about to spend money on one!
i'd rather create something that is 'one of a kind' that no one else has,
re-using the junk and salvaged stuff that's already around the house...
so when i spied an unused plywood table extension in the garage, 
my mind saw it as a component of a potting bench for our backyard.
so last year, i got to work on it - and because i wasn't blogging then, i never shared it here.
with gardens on everyone's mind right now, i thought it was time to remedy that!

continue reading to see what ELSE i dragged out there to build this useful diy piece...


happy Easter

art, decorating, DIY, diy decorating, Easter, farmhouse style, garden art, junking, junk makeover, paper, paper crafts, re-purposing, rustic style, salvaged, rustic, spring, wall art, vintage paper, woodcrafts, wood cross decor, old wood, old books
wishing a happy Easter and a blessed Resurrection Day to all of you, my friends... 
and if you don't mind, i'm going to 'wax poetic' for a moment 
to share something important with you...

i've realized that one of the reasons i am so drawn to using 
old, scarred, damaged, discarded elements 
to create beautiful decor for my homes and to share with you here on the blog 
is that i myself have felt much the same at times... old, scarred, damaged, discarded. 
i long to not let the experiences and misfortunes that have made me feel 'less than' 
stop me from seeing beauty in life... and beauty and usefulness in the detritus.

when i salvage a bit of wood or an old rusted dented piece of metal, 
or pick up an errant bit of fabric or paper, and turn them into lovely home decor, 
i am finding a way to redeem those forgotten and discarded items. 

it soothes my soul to not let them stay there on the ground in a broken, dirty state, 
but to lift them up and clean them off 
and give them the chance to reveal the beauty that remains - deep within. 
it's not perfection, but it is beauty nonetheless.

do you see where i'm going with this, my friends?

this is what i know that God has done with me, and with many others i know: 
He has not left us to rot away in our broken, damaged state. 
He has not discarded us, but has lifted us up, 
given us the opportunity to be cleaned up and made useful and shiny once again. 
to reveal the beauty that He created within us to be seen once more. 

i have certainly seen that principle at work in my own life... 
that beauty can come from ashes, growth from destruction, and life from death. 
most especially, i see the way that my faith has given me a new start many times over, 
and a glorious hope for the future.

because of that faith in Him and hope for my eternal future, 
this day means a great deal to me
and i hope to live every day with the promise of Easter, of resurrection, 
in my heart and on my mind, guiding me through life.

i hope that you, too, will find your hope in Him. 

by the way, there's a really great story behind this wood cross planter that i made into wall art... 
check it out here


greenhouse from salvaged windows

decorating, DIY, diy decorating, farmhouse style, garden, industrial, junk makeover, junking, original designs, outdoors, re-purposing, rustic style, salvaged, spring, up-cycling,
 going through an old journal, i stumbled across these photos... from 1995.
(that's so long ago that i used an old-school film-loaded camera and had them printed!)
they show a very sweet birthday surprise that my late husband created for me:
a small backyard greenhouse, made from vintage windows.

he covertly collected vintage windows and a door (free off of Craigslist!)
then built the frame and inserted the windows to make this charming little place for me...
it was one of the nicest birthday gifts he ever gave me.
(i just wish i had been a better photographer back then!)

continue reading for more photos, and details about how he built it...