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about hwF

Thank you for visiting the homewardFOUND diy home decor blog!

homewardFOUND is a place where all who love to decorate - but are on a 'time and money budget' - 
will find inspiration to express their creativity through simple & affordable decor in their homes. 

HOW? By using stuff that's been... stuffed.... into closets and drawers and garages. 
Forgotten stuff. Collected stuff. Hand-me-down stuff. Stuff from thrift stores. 
Let's "Shop The House" and USE that stuff!
Let's look at it all from a fresh perspective, using our creativity to see it in a NEW WAY!
that's kinda' my thing - re-purpose. re-use. re-imagine.
i hardly ever use things the way they are intended to be used!

It's about creating your own style at home - every season of the year

What people are saying about homewardFOUND:

"I want to tell you how inspirational I find your blog! Your happy, down home, God driven world view is so refreshing!! There is always some gem in there for me. If I'm ever feeling blah, your writing often gives me that kick to throw on an apron and refocus on my husband, family and home. Thank you for that!!"
~ Mary Breen DeVries September, 2014
"Your writing and creativity inspire me so much in my own home decorating! In fact this year, thanks to your inspiration, I have added more of my lost love of vintage items in with my love of modern/contemporary. So I now have a wonderful eclectic look to my home."
Monet Keitzman November, 2013

"I think you're sharing great and wonderful tips for people - real people. And I love that you're stressing using every day items. It makes stylish decorating possible for everyone!"
~ Michelle Litell, MyChimelle Designs October, 2012 

"Found objects turn into home decor for every season in the hands of stylist, writer, and artist Debi Ward Kennedy. homewardFOUND inspires others who like to decorate on a time-and-money budget to discover new creative direction."

~ Beth Livesay, Romantic Homes Magazine February 2013
 the girl power and creative engine behind homewardFOUND
(also known as 'the homewardFOUNDer'!)
is professional writer, photographer, decorator + visual designer Debi Ward Kennedy

read my first post here, and learn where my creative decorating came from in this post 

previously, I built another business (Retreat Home) around making products from 'found materials',
and learned a buncha' tricks & tips as a retail display designer & stylist for over 45 years
(including creating displays at Disneyland!)

even though I've never had a lot of money, I've always had a lot of ideas & creativity...
when I was a kid, my mom was the one in the neighborhood
who painted the front door of our brown & white house BRIGHT ORANGE -
then planted orange marigolds in orange-painted window boxes & planters in the front yard.
she spent a full week decorating our house for Christmas each year. 
and Easter. and Halloween. and summer.
clearly, my passion for decorating is in my DNA!

I've really ALWAYS loved to decorate, letting nothing stop me...

I once spent my allowance on crepe paper printed with flowers - then spent days cutting out every last flower.
I taped each one of those flowers to the walls in my bedroom, because I wanted wallpaper and my Mom said no!
early on, I figured out that I could get the effect I wanted with effort and imagination,
instead of money.

and that's where my decorating philosophy of 'Fast, Cheap, & Easy' began!


thank you for joining me here for a journey
of creativity, imagination, play, and inspiration. that's why i blog!

i blog because i love sharing inspiring, fun, accessible diy ideas.
i blog because i love to make things, and take photos, and write stories.
i blog because i love the connection, encouragement, and camaraderie of
an amazing creative community - the makers AND the readers! 

i don't have ads, i don't monetize my blog, i don't sell things (very often).
homewardFOUND is not a business - but it IS a brand, 
and you best believe that i protect it.

occasionally, i take a break and stop blogging. not normal, i know.
sometimes life just demands that i focus on one thing at a time.
sometimes i lose my creative mojo and need to step back to re-set.
i'm just being me. hoping to help you be you.

thanks for continuing to visit, no matter when i post!

all content on this blog is the original (unless otherwise credited) property of 
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