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Salvaged Cross Wall Art

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 as fun as the bunny ear napkins were in my last post, 
i couldn't let Easter go by without sharing much more meaningful content...

the cross in the photo above is a wood planting box, 
handmade by an artisan* who gifted it to me in a parking lot. yes, a parking lot. 
his truck was parked next to me at a local nursery, and he walked out as i was getting out of the car.

i complimented him on the two planters that he had in his hands - the cross and this heart
and he told me his good news, that he had just landed an account for them to sell his planters.
he smiled a mile wide - then he handed the planters to me. 
i was shocked and tried to refuse them, saying he didn't need to 'pay' me for the compliment.

and that young man said something profound to me that will be forever linked to this cross planter:

'hey, good news needs to be shared, and celebrated!'

 yes, yes it does. 
and on Easter weekend, i can think of no Good News better than that of the Cross.

that particular cross is now something i see every day in my home.
when i was creating a gallery wall arrangement, i grabbed the cross planter from the potting bench,
intending to include it in my decor. but it needed something more... and it became a project!

continue reading to see what i did with it!


Tutorial: 'Bunny Ears' Napkins!

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here's a quick project to add sweet smiles to your Easter tablescape: 
make plain old napkins new: fold them into bunny ear shapes!
so easy the kids can do it - and they're sure to giggle the whole time!

continue reading for my simple tutorial... c'mon, hop to it!


Create a White Spring Tablescape

create a simple white tablescape for spring using what you have on hand with ideas from homewardFOUND decor
Easter and springtime are filled with symbolism of growth and life and celebration...
and there are so many ways to express the beauty of the season in a tablescape.

this simple farmhouse-style table decor focuses on white - 
in the linens, the dishware, the flowers, and the surrounding details
in a garden greenhouse setting.

continue reading for my one-step trick for making those mini glass domes!


Create a Vintage Spring Tablescape

 yes, that IS brown on my table - in springtime!!!
everywhere you look, pastels reign supreme for spring + Easter decor, 

but this year i just felt like breaking the mold.

i love neutrals, and it's SO easy to create a neutral setting then add in a pop of color.
i've decorated this way for years and years, and it's never boring or limiting.
using a basic three-color palette (varied hues of brown, yellow, and white)
i've taken my own spring farmhouse style in a new direction with this tablescape...

continue reading to see how!


Tutorial: Easy Napkin Rosettes

spring Easter tablescape inspiration napkin folding DIY home decor tutorial
while creating a few simple spring tablescapes for some upcoming blog posts,
i was playing around with my yellow napkins - and came up with this.
it's a simple project, and adds loads of style to your table!

continue reading for my easy tutorial...


Raid the Garden Shed for Spring Decor!

raid the garden shed for materials to use in your spring decorating - inside and out! homewardFOUNDdecor
Adding a few touches of natural elements to home decor each season
is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up our rooms
and make everyday life worth celebrating.

there's an easy way to get started on your spring decorating:
head out to your garden shed, greenhouse, or garage,

and raid it for all of the pots and trowels and rakes you can find!
these wonderfully worn elements are the perfect touch for your front porch,
front door, entryway, and INSIDE your home, too!

continue reading to see the many ways you can use clay pots as decor items...


Flower Frogs, My Way

vintage flower frogs homewardFOUNDdecor.com blog spring 2018
this apparatus is known as a 'flower frog'... and apparently, they are trending this spring!

continue reading to see what inspired me, and the ideas i came up with
for making flower frogs out of JUNK!


forward, march...

the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.... forward, march!
it's my favorite month of the year and i am ready to embrace spring!
to me, spring is all about fresh flowers and green grass, sunshine and rainstorms,
bringing nature's fresh green hue indoors and getting outside to enjoy it.

continue reading for a few of my easy DIY ideas for going green in march...