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i'm currently on a blogging break, so this is a reminder:
 you can still enjoy ALL of my existing summer content!

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i hope you are enjoying your summer, too!
i'll be back soon...


easy upcycle: spice bottle bud vase

decorating, DIY, diy decorating, re-purposed, re-purposing, spring, thrifted, tutorial, up-cycling, vintage, vintage style, home decor, trash to treasure, bud vases, vintage spice bottle bud vase.
one last post before i take a break for the month of june...
 this 'discovery' came one DAY after my last blog post,
which was all about using bottles as flower vases. 
(i'm consistently a day late to the party)

this project will be a perfect way to enjoy our roses all summer long!

continue reading for an easy-peasy upcycle diy...


easy summer decor: all bottled up!

summer,DIY,diy decorating,trash to treasure,re-purposed,up-cycling,fast cheap and easy,beach style,coastal style,home decor,red white and blue,Fourth of July,vintage,vintage finds,vintage style,vintage soda bottle vases.
Memorial Day Weekend is here (in the States, anyway)
and that means it's time for the big 'summer kickoff'...

the project i'm sharing today is a re-do and throw-back
to some of my patriotic red, white and blue summer decor from the past
(i've linked that below this post)
but the new version fits my current 'green era' obsession.
 it's another 'throw it together in a minute' decor trick
that can be replicated in SO many ways on a table, mantel, bookshelf, and more. 

'summerizing' your living spaces is an easy way to embrace the season...
quick additions of simple elements will change the feel of your home!

continue reading to see a few of the ways i've used glass bottles...


vintage bowl mushrooms!

spring,DIY,diy decorating,decorating,colorful home,re-purposed,thrifted,vintage,vintage style,farmhouse style,vintage bowl mushrooms,diy vintage bowl mushrooms,tutorial.

this project may not 'bowl you over' (geeze, i'm old)
but i hope it will inspire you to use things differently in your home decor.
in this case, i've gathered up some kitchen items
to create spring decor elements that work in many other places.

continue reading for the easy tutorial...


paint a faux 'rusted' metal mailbox

decorating,vintage style,farmhouse style,thrifted,colorful home,diy decorating,up-cycling,spring,re-purposing,DIY,painting,vintage,tutorial,re-purposed,faux rusty metal paint finish,paint tricks,faux finish,faux rust paint effects.
after sharing an epic paint fail (and a fix!) in my last post,
i thought i should share another paint project - one that went WELL!

decorating,vintage style,farmhouse style,thrifted,colorful home,diy decorating,up-cycling,spring,re-purposing,DIY,painting,vintage,tutorial,re-purposed,faux rusty metal paint finish,paint tricks,faux finish,faux rust paint effects.
inspired by this photo of a rusty green vintage metal mailbox on Instagram
(courtesy of  @thecollecteddesign on Instagram),
i grabbed a small vintage metal mailbox that i had found at a yard sale
and transformed it into a more beautiful mailbox - using paint.

yeah, i'm THAT kind of crazy, attempting this after a big mess!
but thing is - it worked. and it didn't just WORK, it worked out AMAZINGLY!

so, i'll share the steps i used to 'age' an already vintage mailbox -
including one of my 'top secret' (until now) faux finish tricks.

continue reading for all the details...


welcome to an epic crafting fail. and a fix!

spring,garden art,garden style,painting,tutorial,DIY,diy decorating,decorating,home decor,wall art,colorful home,makeover,refresh a metal garden sign with paint.

prepare yourselves, friends... 
this project was actually going to be included as a photo prop in my 'posie pots' post.
and then everything that COULD go wrong WENT wrong.

so it wasn't included, and it's taken some time and effort
to reverse the damage and proceed with the project as intended.
ah, the joys of creating LOL! this is what you DON'T see on social media!

i've decided to feature it in its very own post
because this stuff happens - and for those who don't create a lot all the time,
it's helpful to know that 'ruined' does not equal 'toss it in the bin'.
there's usually always a way to save a project gone wrong!

continue reading to see the before, the scary during, and the after...


terra cotta pot mushrooms

spring,garden art,garden style,re-purposed,up-cycling,DIY,diy decorating,outdoors,boho style,farmhouse style,garden,dollar store crafts,neutrals,tutorial,terra cotta pot crafts,terra cotta pot mushrooms,terra cotta pots.

my favorite seasonal decor is the kind that happens
when i'm just playing around with things in my studio - and an idea hits me.
i love using things in ways OTHER than how they were intended to be used,
both indoors and out.

these terra cotta pot mushrooms are one of the easiest things i've made,
and they are a perfect spring accent for your home AND garden spaces.

continue reading for an insanely easy tutorial to make your own versions!


vintage floral jewelry 'posie pots'

spring,DIY,diy decorating,crafting,re-purposed,up-cycling,inspired by nature,garden style,vintage style,vintage,terra cotta pots,decorating,thrifted,vintage finds,posie pots,spring flowers,spring home decor,spring decor,vintage floral enamel jewelry,tutorial
the old saying is 'April showers bring May flowers'...
but i'm ready for flowers NOW!

i call these 'posie pots', and the idea for them bloomed
when one of my memories met with a few images on Instagram - 
i'm sharing those sources in the post below, and a tutorial
so you can make your own spring decor or maybe a Mother's Day gift
 from vintage enamel floral pins!

continue reading for all of the details...