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Easy Burlap & Canvas Wall Art

I change things a LOT in my home... so I like easy solutions and quick projects.
This wall art project is one that I whipped up in just an hour,
and it made a huge difference on a blank wall behind a sofa...

I needed wall art in neutral tones to add interest to this small tv room, 
and used fabric remnants to match the canvas and burlap pillows on the sofa.
Then I had to find 'frames'.... but instead, I came across some old 'cork boards' in a closet.
Only, they weren't really cork boards...

continue reading to find out what they were!

They were simply pieces of 2" thick rigid foam insulation panels, cut into smaller sizes.
[rigid insulation comes in sheets of many dimensions at HOME DEPOT ]
 - not a sponsored post, just easier to link to them than to describe it! -
You can cut it with a jigsaw, or a large box knife. Or an electric carving knife!

I wrapped each piece of the foam with a fabric remnant, stapled it into place, 
and then hung the frames on the wall in a pleasing arrangement.
And lest that 'hanging frames on the wall' part sound too hard, um....no:
Eyeball placement. Pound nails into wall. Shove foam pieces onto nails. 

'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM
it's how I roll....

Those vintage book pages were pinned on using straight pins, right into the fabric and foam,
so that I could easily change them out if I wanted to. EASY.
You could also use this method for kids' art!
[see what I did with my niece's artwork in this home decor weekend makeover]

The window in this room was placed off-center on the wall at the end of the sofa,
so I created one more fabric-covered piece to place in the empty space next to it.
This was actually a regular painting canvas [thrifted] that I hot-glued the fabric remnant to:

 That elegant damask linen fabric was also used on a bench project... coming in a future post!

Now, if you wanted to spend more time on this, 
you could also add some kind of bracket or wire coming through the foam & fabric
to hold a vintage piece on the front of the canvas: a bottle, or small architectural bit for interest.

I'd recommend only lightweight items for that
And maybe a more sophisticated hanging system than mine...

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