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re-purpose glass light globes as candleholders

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i've used glass globes from light fixtures in many ways over the years,
from turning them into pumpkins in fall, making snowmen out of them in winter,
and using them as flower vases in spring.

my favorite globes are the old ones, with ridges and details that catch the light
no matter how you use them... but those are getting really hard to find.

miraculously, i found one on a recent trip to a nearby thrift shop...
and the moment i saw its shape, i knew what i wanted to try with it.
i paired it with another globe and a few more elements,
and they worked just as i had hoped - in TWO different ways! 

continue reading to see how easy this spring/summer decor accent is to create...


more glass globe pumpkins!

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 years ago - seven, to be exact - i made this original creation shown above. 
i call them 'glass globe pumpkins' because they are made from vintage glass light globes.
(the kind that hang on the ceilings of hallways & kitchens in old houses) 

more recently, i found some unique vintage glass lamp globes* and turned them into pumpkins - 
with a twist. i did something on these that i didn't do on the originals... 

continue reading to see the new versions!


Winter Into Spring Decor

winter spring home decor use what you have glass globes
 wondering how to decorate for the change from winter into spring?
try combining the hues and textures of winter with a touch of spring flowers, 
like the clear & white glass, burlap, and cherry blossom combination above.

this is a really simple way to take an everyday item and make it work as decor...
yes, those round things in the photo up above ARE what you think they are:
glass light globes
from old porch lights and overhead hall lights!

continue reading to see what i've done with them for spring!


Glass Lamp Globe Snowglobes

If you've seen my original glass globe pumpkins for fall,
then you know I love using everyday things in new ways to decorate with!

Here's another idea for glass globe light covers:
Take the simple clear glass ones, and make them into snowglobes!

* find small figurines at thrift shops or the dollar store

* spray paint them gloss white
* hot glue them inside a shallow white bowl or pedestal
[i like using hot glue  - 
because if i want to change it all later, i can!]
* flip the globe upside down with the opening facing up

* add some snow flakes or glitter inside.

* put a bead of hot glue all along the rim of the globe, 
and place the base upside down onto the glass globe's opening.

* trim the edge of the base with vintage trims, ribbon, jewelry if you like.
 * in the globe shown below, i also glued a clear plastic snowflake behind the little angel figure.

You can use glass fishbowls from the dollar store, too!
see MORE ideas for using glass lamp globes in your winter decor HERE!
(this content originally appeared in that post)


Winter Whites Inspiration

 Winter has arrived!
And even though it looks much better while sitting inside looking out, 
I love the fresh, clean, crisp look of a snow-covered landscape...
the soft, pale winter color palette inspires me.

In winter, choose subtle, soft, and misty neutrals for your rooms...
tones like gray, charcoal, chocolate, white, vanilla, and pale blue.
Then add sparkle with clear glass, mirrors, and shining silver.
This creates a beautifully serene background,
to which you can add the warmth of red, the softness of pink -
or perhaps the 'of the moment' Radiant Orchid lavender.

Start by gathering the elements that reflect the colors and surfaces of Winter:

Then combine them to express the mood of Winter:

These settings all include vintage, antique, and repurposed furnishings & decor,
because that's my own particular style...
but it's just as easy to combine mid-century modern and contemporary pieces
to create a seasonal  'Winter' mood in your home!

 Even the most humble things can become a decorative element...
 Stay warm!

"Baby It's Cold Outside" Chalkboard Printable by The Everyday Home
 [ found on Pinterest ]

Find more of my winter decor posts by clicking on the 'Winter Decor' sidebar tab >

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Style Sisters | Centerpiece Wednesday


Fanciful Glass Assemblages

 I love discovering unique, original ideas to share with you...
most often, they are my own ideas.
But when I see something that just BLOWS MY MIND with a preponderance of creativity and design,
well, you can BET I'll be asking permission to share it here!

Such is the case with these charming and original upcycled glass assemblages,
created by the prolific creative genius of artist Lisa Loria.
Lisa is a friend of mine, but more than that she's a MUSE. And amus-ing!
I am constantly amazed at the stuff her artistic mind cranks out!
Lisa isn't a crafter or a maker - she's an ARTIST.
Published, teacher, show vendor, and art / product designer extraordinaire.

Miss Lisa took a bunch of old clear glass parts and pieces,
like decanter tops and bowls and candlesticks and perfume bottles and vases and salt & pepper shakers
and even some glass lamp globes [and ya' KNOW I love that!]
and arranged them into recognizable Holiday forms, like trees and snowmen.
Then she glued them together. As you can see above, they were really cute!

And then the glue turned yellow.
Not cute.

Lisa told me how she was just seconds away from pitching the whole lot of them into the recycle bin
when her boyfriend suggested that she paint the whole shebang with paint.
[Talk about a 'DUH' moment, hmmmmmnnn?!]
So she did. And then she added some glitter because, well, honestly, what's NOT better with glitter?!

Here are Lisa's creations AFTER the paint and glitter job...
I think they look even better than before they were painted!
[... and let's give kudos to the bf for a stellar idea for saving what looked like a lost cause!]

In these photos, you can see how she stacked and nestled and fit parts and pieces together
to create the darling trees and fanciful snowmen shown up above...
Nothing there is precious or expensive. Or, to be honest, very pretty on its own.

We've all heard - and said - the phrase 'One man's trash is another man's treasure.'
This is taking what might just be trash - and making it into your OWN treasure!

[and remember MY tip for painting: Krylon Appliance Spray Paint.
It sticks to EVERYTHING, including glass!]

Follow the creative escapades of Lisa Loria on her blog !


Upcycled glass lamp globe Snowmen!

OhMyGoodness could you just DIE????!!!
I LOVE these little guys! 

I was working this week on my NEW Sweet Sweater Snowmen,
and in the process, I unearthed two vintage glass lamp globes in a closet.

Now, y'all KNOW that I have a 'thing' for using these in my decor...
for my Original glass lamp globe Pumpkins
and my winter glass lamp globe Snowballs

Right now, I have cute containers for the snowmen sitting everywhere
and so my mind made the connection in an instant:
glass lamp globe snowmen!

I sat the globes on two of the containers
and they could not fit more perfectly!
After a bit of embellishment with vintage buttons
and some leftover bits of sweaters, they turned out like this:
 I used the lid from the container as a hat - to me, it looks rather like a beret.
That and the jaunty scarf just make me want to give this lil' guy a French name...
How about 'Noel' ?

And his friend? Maybe she looks a leetle like a French clown, or Pierrot,
and clowns make us laugh, and that's happy and joyful - 
so let's call her 'Joy'. As in, 'Joyeux'.

Joyeux et Noel. Yep, that works!

Love, Love, LOVE them - and I already have ideas for more!

If you'd like to make your own versions of my new original design,

remember that regular smooth glass globes are available at hardware stores.

Take a peek at how I FOOFED one of these up for VALENTINE'S Day!
I present 'Valentina' the glass globe snowman,
Cup O' LOVE snowmen, and SWEETheart Snowmen!

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OPC / TBH | The Humble Brag #45

Our Daily Bread | Bloggers Share


8 'Black Magic' Halloween Ideas!

 As Halloween Eve creeps ever closer, don't forget about the simple SCARY touches you can add
to everyday items in your home!

The black chandelier above has a center that resembles a cage -
so I treated it like one, and filled it with some drippy spanish moss and one solitary black crow.
I wrapped the faux candles in black glossy paper,
and used clear low-wattage nightlight bulbs for a sinister glow.

Click here for another idea for embellishing your chandeliers!
These two photos show an elegant carved wood white mirror that has been spookified:
A length of black sheer fabric is tucked between the wall and the mirror,
with one end of the fabric hanging down below it and one end tucked into a 'hood' shape at the top....
shrouding the mirror in mystery...

 more ideas for spooky black decor:

Bewitched Mirror Trick

Glass Globe Crystal Ball

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Big Black Spiders


How to Make a FREE Moss Terrarium

i'm beginning to think that there truly is a huge universal creative consciousness.

there have been many times that i've prepared a project and post for HOMEWARDfound
and then have seen something in a similar theme pop up out there.

case in point:

i SWEAR to you that i had this project planned to complete this weekend, 
and post about on Monday.
then on Friday, i saw posts everywhere [blogs, fb, and hometalk] of projects using MOSS!
after the momentary frustration of thinking that i was going to be 'late to the party', i laughed.
it's just one BIG HAPPY CREATIVE PARTY, after all!

so, a day (or two) late (and decidedly NOT a dollar short)
here is my 'Fast, Cheap, & Easy' TM take on creating something with MOSS -
a very FREE floral supply in the spring!

let's make terrariums, shall we?

first, you're going to need a clear glass container with a wide opening.

i am REUSING this vase that my BFF sent filled with orchids on my birthday. <3
i also grabbed a small brandy snifter on hand, just because i thought the pairing was cute.
cost? ZERO.
you can always find clear glass vases at thrift stores, dollar stores, and garage sales,
or use a large pickle or olive jar - or a GLASS LAMP GLOBE!
[just make sure your hand can fit down inside the opening]

next you will need some moss and tiny plants.
of course you can BUY them at the garden center, but WHY?
head out into the yard, or to an empty field or lot -
unless you live in the southwest, there will be moss somewhere nearby.
i'm in Southern California and there is moss in the shady corner of the front yard!

my tips for harvesting moss:
* use a metal kitchen spatula to scoop the moss up off of the ground. keeps it from breaking.
* try to find several different textures of moss for interest. 
[i found fuzzy moss, flat moss, and some miniature clovers (dichondra) to use - 
all within one square foot of my yard]
* when you harvest 'fuzzy' moss, shake it out a bit to remove BUGS.
* also: check for worms!
[a seven-inch earthworm crawled out of the dirt under some moss on my tray, and onto my hand - nearly made me scream. EEW]

i use cookie sheets and metal trays to hold the moss clumps and the small plants as i harvest -
the plants are basically just offshoots and seedlings sprouting up where they shouldn't be in the yard.
[this way, i got some weeding done, too!]

you'll also need a handful of small rocks or gravel for the bottom of the vase - 
just grab those from the yard or driveway, too. i washed mine, but you don't have to.
carefully place those in the bottom of your clean vase.

then add enough potting soil (or really good soil from your garden if you have it) to the vase.
you'll want the soil to fill one third of the container.

after this step, i use a paper towel to brush loose soil off of the inside of the glass.

now it's time to add the plants and moss!
first, select clumps of the moss and use the spatula to place them inside the vase - 
they'll just slide right off and into place that way. no breaking.
if needed, use the spatula to cut the clumps so they will fit together in a circular pattern.

a wooden kitchen skewer helps to press the edges of the moss clumps down into the soil,
and also to create a small hole for the plants.
set the plants in place, and then use the skewer to push a little bit of soil in around them.
[it tends to crush the moss less than fingers do]

in the large vase, i added a few white rocks around the base of the largest plant to stabilize it.
in the small vase, there's one little white rock - just to coordinate the look.
you can also add a small statue or figure,
or make it a 'fairy garden' by creating a whole garden scene in miniature
[with details like tiny pebbles as a walkway, itsy bitsy flowering mosses, a dollhouse chair or bench...]

in these overhead shots, you can see the varied types of moss used, 
and how they help to create a miniature 'landscape' look.

in a side-view shot, you can see how the plant matter all remains below the top edge of the container...
not only does it look better, but it helps them retain more moisture. water with a mist or a few drops daily.

btw, i spied a little glass container on a shelf and grabbed the lid...
it fit the tiny brandy snifter PERFECTLY!
 a lidded container is a great way to keep the terrarium environment moist

i spent absolutely NOTHING to make these, and the project took just an hour - including the photos.
that, my friends, is my idea of 'Fast, Cheap, & EASY!'TM

and for more MOSS-Y inspiration, check out THESE posts on other blogs:

...and if you are in the southwest and can't find moss anywhere near you, 
here's a one-stop solution: