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send a message with stamped dishes!

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sometimes an idea comes outta' nowhere.
sometimes, nature is the inspiration.
and sometimes, another creative person does something new
that makes me realize a possibility that intrigues me...

that's the case with this 'just for fun' diy project.
i saw something on social media and laughed.
then i thought 'i have a few china dishes that i could do something like that with....'
and so, i tried it just to see how it would look.

my approach is temporary art, as most of my decor projects are.
(actually, i came up with TWO ways to do this project that are temporary)
when i tire of this look, i'll be able to 'erase' it
and return the dishes to their original condition.

and when it was all done, another approach occurred to me!
...continue reading to see where my mind took me...


diy placemat bookmarks

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it's time for a BONUS post!
( i returned to a once-weekly posting schedule in April )

in true 'trash to treasure' fashion,
i completed the tray project shared in my last post
and then looked at the scraps of vinyl placemat on the table and thought
'isn't there something i can use those for??'

the answer was YES!

those thin strips of patterned vinyl were perfect for this 'bonus' project:
indestructible vinyl bookmarks! it's so easy, i just had to share it with you.

if you're in the habit of giving books as gifts,
adding a bookmark is a nice touch -
and this is an easy, inexpensive way to make them!

continue reading for the EASY how-to...


upgrade a serving tray with a dollar store placemat!

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spring is arriving, summer is on the horizon...
and hopefully this year, those seasons will bring opportunities to entertain again.
you can never have enough serving trays, that's for sure!

this idea makes use of a simple, cheap material to give any tray a refreshed look.

continue reading to see how easy this is!


when life gives you lemons...

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for the first time in the five years we've lived in this house,
our lemon tree yielded fruit!

i'm not sure if it was just that the tree is finally mature enough to bear fruit,
or if it was the strange regimen of digging coffee grounds and eggshells into the soil all year
along with the citrus tree fertilizer and Miracle Grow a few times...
but something stimulated the growth, and we got 16 lemons this winter!

you know what they say: 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade'?
well, *i* say, 'when life gives you lemons, DECORATE with them!'

and i did!

continue reading for some easy tips...
(even if life didn't give you a lemon tree or lemons!)


'paint chip' inspired painted dresser

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i always say that paint is a magical ingredient in decorating....
it can change things faster and easier than any other element!
i recently envisioned a new paint treatment for an item i've had for years
(actually, it's been in my family for THREE generations!)
and am so happy with the results.

continue reading for the reveal!


easy no-mess Easter basket grass

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while i have always loved creating holiday decor,
i do have my limits... Easter grass is one of them.

(my theory is it was created by the same people who invented Legos.
to drive parents - specifically the parent who does the cleaning - batty.)

since i hate the mess  of plastic grass strands wrapped around the vacuum bar!!,
i've found other materials to use in Easter baskets that reduce the mess and fuss.
yes, paper shred works - but it's still a mess.

i've found a way to get the same effect as grass
without the resulting mess and cleanup...
and you might be really surprised at how cheap and easy this solution is!

continue reading for my sly little trick (that has an added benefit!)...