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Transformed with Paint!

faux concrete paint tutorial
One of the posts that keeps popping up as one of my 'Most Popular'
is my 'faux concrete pumpkins paint tutorial'.
I shared it in fall, 2014, and it's gone crazy on social media ever since - all year long!

Well, the other day I saw THIS PHOTO on a friend's fb page...
texas antiques
(my friend is Theresa Halley Cano, 
Texas antique & junking maven at Garden Antqs Vintage!)
and it inspired me to undertake a new project using my paint technique...

This poor baby :( has been relegated to the side of the house, in oblivion, 
while her white gloss paint chips and peels off in the relentless sun and rain.
My Mom has had this peach swan ceramic planter for over 25 years!
Two years ago, I painted it white and she starred in a Mother's Day blog post,
...but she hasn't looked like that for quite some time now.

continue reading to see how paint transformed it!

I took an hour to apply my simple 'faux concrete' paint treatment,
along with my super-secret ingredient for realistic effect
(its in the tutorial, linked at the bottom of this post!)
and brought her back to life with a classic look:
homewardfound decorhomewardfound decor
faux concrete paint tutorial
Seriously, looking at her you'd never know that she's not made of concrete...
That's the power of paint!

It's all about painting on layers of dry-brushed gray and white,
letting the texture show and building in 'age' and 'wear' with contrast as you go.
I've painted many things using this easy method over the years...
homewardfound decorhomewardfound decor
... formerly hideous gold plaster lamp base and octagonal glass lamp bases
homewardfound decor debi ward kennedyhomewardfound decor debi ward kennedy
...styrofoam dollar store pumpkins and a styrofoam wig head
You can use this simple paint method to turn ANY surface into 'faux' concrete!

Click this link to make your own 'concrete' statuary pieces using

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