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heart of glass

 if you're as old as me, you might know that this blog post's title is actually a song title.
(by the band Blondie, waaaaaaay back in the late 70's)
in the song, a heart of glass gets broken.
around here, there are some glass hearts that have been in our stash SINCE the late 70's -
and the fact that they haven't broken yet is kinda' amazing, if you ask me!

by incorporating those small-ish glass hearts into our existing winter decor,
they instantly bring a Valentine's Day vibe for the month of February.

continue reading to see how...

i simply placed the small red glass heart 'bowls' into the existing decor vignettes in our home:
 i didn't move anything, just popped the hearts into each display. 

some small glass heart ornaments on ribbons were hung on bare twig branches, 
which were already in our decor for winter:
i used them in our living room gallery wall, above
and in our entry hallway, below

a very large, heavy red glass heart ornament and some red heart cookie cutters 
become precious cargo on the vintage red truck on our kitchen scale.:

the scale sits on our huge kitchen island, 
and i change the vignette every season (and sometimes every month!)

this isn't about hearts, but....
you might notice a platform under the scale...
it's a piece of particle board that was originally the top of an old 'accent table'.
i painted it to replicate our granite, so the scale could be placed on top of it.
we didn't want the scale sitting directly on the granite,
as it would have been hard to move for cleaning.
there are six felt circles under the platform, which allow it to slide -
making cleaning the whole island surface very simple.

i just wish i had paid attention to the way the granite pattern RAN when i was painting!
it drives me crazy that it doesn't line up. and i'm too busy lazy to repaint it LOL

check out my unconventional adhesive for applying those red paper hearts to our decor
in my last post


  1. No one would ever notice the way the grain runs in that piece. You did a great job with it. Love the hearts and I do remember that song...Also reminds me of the old Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel. Hugs- Diana

    1. Thank you, Diana! Yeah I notice all of the flaws in my projects!!!

      Funny you mention that S&G song. I went to see Frozen 2 last night (finally!) and one of the songs has the line "...homeward bound... i am found..." in it. I smiled and wondered if there was a way I could grab the video clip of that online and re-edit it to say 'homeward found' ;) probably not!