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a different kind of sand castle...

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bringing sand and shells home from a beach vacation is do-able.
a sand castle? not so much.

unless, of course, you find a new way to make a sand castle ;) 

and i did. 

continue reading to see the everyday material that inspired me and how i used it...


painting the globe...

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today i'm sharing a project that uses the OTHER 'color of the year',
Ultimate Gray.
(since most of my recent projects have been all contained Illuminating Yellow,
i thought it was time to give the second color some attention!)

i finally came up with a way to restyle an item that i've had tucked away for years...
it was a banged-up, scratched, faded (but not in a good way) paper world globe,
and using gray and white paint to transform it was the perfect solution to update the look.
note: this is a globe from the 1990's. not vintage or antique. not valuable.

now it fits into my decor, and is a sweet reminder of special people each time i look at it.
isn't that better than keeping something stashed in a closet
because although it means something to you, you don't know where to PUT it?

continue reading to see the before, during, after... and AFTER!


tiki punch!

mid-century modern. contemporary, vintage, kitsch, tiki bar, backyard, home decor, diy, wood, trellises, painted, makeover, homewardFOUND decor blog
this recent project in our backyard makes me feel like we're time-traveling back to the sixties!
mid-century modern. contemporary, vintage, kitsch, tiki bar, backyard, home decor, diy, wood, trellises, painted, makeover, homewardFOUND decor blog
remember these guys? 
these Tikis were in Mom & Dad's backyard for over 20 years, and i featured their first 'makeover'
as part of my 'Thrifty Weekend Makeover' series here on the blog a few years ago.
(that post is really gettin' hits right now because of the 'one step bamboo fence makeover tip' in it!)

well, we saved those tikis when we moved to the new house
but we didn't think we'd use them... except for a party, maybe.
here in the desert /wine country, it just seems out of context to have Hawaiian decor.

then i saw some photos from Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Week.
and an idea came to mind for an area of our backyard that needed a little punch.

... keep reading to see how i created some TIKI PUNCH!


Easy Christmas Wreath Makeover

christmas decor
Welcoming people to our homes is important every day - especially during the Holiday season.
A wreath for the door or front porch is something that we almost all include in our decor... 

Like you, I gaze longingly at the beautiful wreaths and garlands 
displayed at elegant home decor shops and garden centers
And THEN I look at the price tags... not happenin', folks!!

Fortunately, those inspiring creations can lead the way to making what we already have BETTER!
I'm always up for taking something old and making it look new
(okay, well, not always - sometimes I take new things and make them look old!)
...and the wreath that my Mom has been using for about 20 years now was due for an update.

continue reading for my secrets...


Deb and the Disney Darlings

A few weeks back, I wrote a guest post for the Disney Darlings blog.

Haven't heard of that one yet? ;)
The Darlings share photos, video, news, and tips for enjoying all things Disney, 
contributed by bonafide Disney Fans & Experts who, like me,
have spent their lives being enchanted by the magic at The Happiest Places on Earth.

Chock-full of tips that will help you out on your next visit to Disney's Original Magic Kingdom,  
gives you locations in each 'land' in the Park where you can find 
a little bit of shade, quiet, a place to sit or get a snack, restrooms, and peace of mind.
That's especially helpful information to have when you take young children to the Park.

I've been lucky enough to have grown up visiting Disneyland. Visiting a lot...

My grandpa and uncle were electricians who helped build several attractions in the Park
(It's a Small World, Tiki Room, Mr. Lincoln, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean)
and we lived just blocks away.
I marched down Main Street USA with my high school marching band & color guard many times,
and I was a Cast Member at the Disneyland Resort, working in the retail stores as a visual specialist.
My whole family gathered at Disneyland in July, 2014 for a huge family reunion.

In the process of spending time there throughout my life
as a child, a teen, an adult, a cast member, an aunt, a parent AND a grandparent,
I've discovered some tricks and tips that can make all the difference!
When the opportunity came to share those tips with the readers of Disney Darlings,
I was honored to provide them with content on a subject so dear to my heart.

I hope you enjoy it, too...

Click on over to the Disney Darlings blog to read my post!

Do you know about the Baby Care Centers that Disneyland offers free of charge?
These locations offer quiet space where you can care for your infant/toddler's needs...
Learn more in this MousePlanet blog post!


Nauti, Nauti....

In a recent post, I shared the flag that I found this week at the Disney cast member outlet store.
I found something else there that day:
Nautical signal flags, all in red, white, and blue!

Measuring @ 12 by 16 inches and made of nylon,
these babies are nearly brand new (I have no idea where they were used at the resort)
and they only set me back a dollar each!
They present creative opportunities for summertime decorating.
My first idea was to turn them into a decorative banner for the backyard:
I simply threaded the grommets on each flag onto a length of seam binding ribbon,
tied & swagged it from the strands of patio lights already installed overhead,
then used miniature white clothespins to keep the flags from sliding on the line.
[ note that the flag fabric is no where near the light bulbs. ]
Fluttering in the breeze, they bring bright patriotic color to the space.

So then I thought... what ELSE can I do with these out here?
What about a tablescape?

These flags lend themselves perfectly for use as placemats (easily washable nylon)
and they also bring color to the centerpiece-
simply a blue metal water cup filled with red geraniums from the yard.

They create a Nautical theme without too much fuss, 
and make simple details shine:
Easy little touches like folding a napkin into a sailboat shape make all the difference -
and yet take just seconds.
The white plastic food basket is available at Dollar Tree stores!

Picnic or poolside place setting tip:
Place plastic / paper cup over a (full) soda can or bottle to keep the cup from blowing away.

I know most DIY / Decor Bloggers will shudder that I actually put this super-simple table in a post,
but Red Solo Cups have their place (and it's not always at a kegger). 
Sometimes you just want easy. 
Forget the foofing and fussing and planning, and just sit back and enjoy - 
then dump the disposable plastic dishes in the trash.
I'm not advocating doing this ALL the time, mind you, 
but some days just call for EASY.
It's SUMMER, for goodness sakes!
[ More on THAT subject in Monday's post......]
... and you know what the perfect front door 'welcome' would be for this look, right?
uh huh.
seen sixty gazillion times on Pinterest, this utterly brilliant design and photo is by
Tell It to Your Neighbor

(so, see, you don't have to throw out the cups after all. CRAFT with 'em!).

shared online:

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Flyin' My Flag

 Yesterday I made a stop at the Disney Cast Member outlet store.
Yes, that really does exist  ;)

End-of-line, out-of-season, slightly damaged and discontinued items are sent there
from retail shops on the resort property, along with old office supplies, and
decorative items no longer being used by the resort property enhancement department.

That includes used holiday decor.

So when I walked around a corner there and saw a bucket of American flags,
I eagerly grabbed one. One.
I was wondering where it had been used when another Cast Member grabbed a dozen of them,
and said she had heard that they were from the Main Street USA lamp post embellishments.
They would have looked like this when displayed there:

I still only took one.
Because that's one thing I've been learning lately...


I now have this beautiful, slightly worn flag
that came from a place I dearly love and have so many memories of
and it will become a part of my summer decor, every year.
The knowledge of the history of my little flag enhances its meaning for me. 
THAT is what is important to me now... not quantity.

Besides, there are thousands of other Cast Members who shop there
and they deserve to get one, too.

 I love flags!

I was a 'flag carrier' with the marching band in high school,
and have a great appreciation for the beauty of our National symbol.
My once huge collection of vintage US flags has been reduced to
 my favorite large one (from a boat) and this one.
Two flags, two histories - and many more memories to make...

I am perfectly happy with just a little bit of summer 
and a WHOLE lot of history and pride
in my HOMEWARDfoundDecor office.
Simple really IS better.