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Sweet Hearts Soiree

One of my goals here at HOMEWARDfound Decor is to show you
that decorating is easy, and that it doesn't have to cost you very much, or take a lot of time.

Today I have a perfect example of that philosophy.

I had a bunch of 'stuff' ready for a post with a cute Valentine party tablescape...
but you aren't going to see that.
I ran out of time to stage it and photograph it and blog about it.

So, instead, I pulled all that stuff together and in about twenty minutes, 
created a display with a sort-of 'party' theme on the sideboard in my office/studio.
Some of this stuff isn't what you normally think of as 'decor'...
but since I don't follow any rules, anyway, it worked!

 That's my Tee Shirt Mannequin (Tutorial HERE),
and I dressed her up in a REALLY cute vintage apron and a sweater with cut-off sleeves.
Yes, cut OFF. Those sleeves became the red pom pom hats for my winter Snowmen!
This part of the sweater was the 'left over' part.

Then I took the Found Item Charm Bracelet (Inspiration HERE)
and hung it on her neck like a necklace. A rhinestone Heart pin tops her off.

Then I played with a bunch of other stuff like dishes and party supplies: 
I stacked my white dinnerware to create pedestals to display other things on....
like tiny tinware coffee pots and my grandma's measuring spoons filled with heart-shaped buttons,
and Happy Pincushions (Inspiration HERE) . 
A bowl on its side spills out Fabric Hearts (Tutorial HERE) and a dotted gift box.

I've had this crate of old Coke bottles for several years...
and I have NO idea what possessed me to keep it and move it over 1600 miles
when I barely kept anything else at all... 
but I did, and I LOVE it, and when I dropped the striped paper straws into the bottles, 
which took all of 30 seconds... it made me SMILE.

I also added just a few hearts, cut from old magazine pages,
to my inspiration board that hangs above the sideboard:

This weekend, after Valentine's Day is over, I'll pull it all apart
and put all of the items back where they get stored.
I'll find something else for Miss Mannequin (still un-named) to wear
and will create a whole new display on the wall shelves and the sideboard
using stuff from drawers and the closet that will celebrate Spring.
It will completely change the way my office feels... and that's what Seasonal Decor is about.

It's not about time, or money. It's about Inspiration and Creativity.
I always ask myself' 'What did you CREATE today?'...
It doesn't have to take a lot of effort.
and it doesn't always have to be the equivalent of a masterpiece.
Sometimes, a simple finger painting is just perfect. 

so... What did YOU create today?!

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