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Deb's original 'sweet sweater pumpkin' tutorial

'Sweet Sweater Pumpkins' TM
an Original design by Debi Ward Kennedy 
photos, tutorial, design + name copyright 2007-2023

My original product debuted in 2007, on my Hummadeedledee blog.
I began selling them at vintage shows and stores in 2009,

and they have been published in magazines and on blogs ever since - 
including in Better Homes & Garden's Halloween Special issue in 2013! 

I've shared them here on my blog, on facebook, Pinterest, 
and also on other DIY / Home Decor sites and communities.
Now I'm sharing my easy no-sew tutorial for my original pumpkins

so you can make your own versions to decorate with this fall...
an easy and eco-friendly way to celebrate the fall season! 


long-sleeved sweaters (adult size)
[natural fibers work best, and tightly knit textures - no open crochet stitches]
twine or string
sharp scissors
LOTS of heavy rubber bands (2 per pumpkin)
polyfill stuffing


*Cut the arms off of the sweaters from the underarm to the shoulder, then cut the arms in half across the middle. (You can cut longer sections for more elongated pumpkin/squash shapes, and shorter sections for smaller, rounder shapes.) 

*Turn all of the cut pieces inside out, and set aside.

*Take the twine or yarn, and wrap it six times around your elbow & thumb to make big loops.

*When done, cut it in half at your thumb so that you have one big long hank. It should be approximately 18 to 20 inches long.

*Make several hanks of twine (with 6 cords), and set aside.

Step by Step

1. Place one hank of twine inside of one cut sweater piece. Let about an inch poke out on the LARGE end of the sweater arm - the rest of the twine will hang out the narrow end.

2. Fold that inch of twine over the edge of the sweater, then gather the end up and fasten it tightly with a rubber band.

3. Flip the whole thing right-side out, using the hank of twine to help.

4. Stuff the open end with polyfill. Remember that lots of stuffing will make your pumpkin rounder, and less stuffing will result in a flatter, 'squashed' look. Leave about an inch - or more if you prefer - of sweater 'cuff' unfilled at the top, to create the stem later.

5. Separate the hank of twine into six single strands. Spread these out equidistantly around the rounded top. Evenly distribute the strands as you stretch them to the other end of the form.

6. Grasp the strands and the sweater 'cuff', twist them together, and wrap a rubber band around them several times - tightly.

7. Separate the strings into strands again, and then begin gently pulling each separate strand in a clockwise pattern. You'll have to pull each one twice or more to create enough tension to pouf out the sweater and form a pumpkin shape.

Help it along by pulling the fabric out a bit at the top & bottom edges, so that the ridges are more defined. Once the ridges are even, tie the strands together around the stem in pairs, two at a time, to hold them in place. A simple knot is enough. 

8. Roll the extra sweater fabric at the top into a 'stem' as shown.
9. Using the loose ends of the twine strands, begin wrapping around the stem to completely cover the sweater fabric with twine. Take half the strands and wrap them clockwise while wrapping the other half counter-clockwise and intertwining them as you work your way up the stem. * NOTE: The strands will not wrap the entire stem unless you begin with double-length strands * Tie the strands together in one knot when you reach their ends. Trim the sweater fabric close to the twine for a nice neat stem.

10, 11. You can also add embellishments to the stem – such as snippets of lace, burlap, leaves, acorns, even vintage jewelry. Make it your OWN! You'll see many photos shared on the homeward found decor blog that will inspire you!


The content of this tutorial is the original property of 

Debi Ward Kennedy and homeward found decor.

You may not replicate, share, pin, or sell any part of this tutorial OR the link to it
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***Do not create your own tutorial and shoot your own images based on this tutorial

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even if you are using a material other than sweaters to make pumpkins.***
That's just not nice. And yes, people HAVE done this. They think I don't know.

You may not use any image of my pumpkins (taken by me or another photographer)
  to advertise or sell the pumpkins that you make.
This applies to all images of my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins, 
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or your photos of my pumpkins that you have purchased from me.
The best advice is to only use photos that you have taken, of your own products/creations.

Be inspired - but be original.

The name Sweet Sweater Pumpkins is copyright Debi Ward Kennedy 2007-2023.
You may not use that name to refer to pumpkins that you make using this tutorial

or by any other means.

Product design and 'Sweet Sweater Pumpkins' name TM
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