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 i had this post planned for today, as it links to monday's post about nests and eggs.
but yesterday, i walked into the local garden center with my mom and saw something AMAZING.

a hummingbird nest
with two baby hummingbirds in it!

i snapped the photo above with my iPhone, so it's not great. but it'll do!
check out that teeeeeny tiny nest in a ficus tree - 
it's no bigger than a grade A egg from the market!

last spring, a mourning dove made a nest 
in the middle of one of my mom's hanging ferns. not good.
she was tearing the fern up while nesting, and that fern belonged to my grandma.
my mom was NOT happy about this.
i snapped the photo below before gently removing the nest and two eggs with a large trowel,
and relocating it to a nearby hedge. 

mama dove did NOT like that.one.bit!
she adjusted... but sadly, a heat wave did the little eggs in.

so on the subject of nests, i'm going to share a little secret with you.
i accidentally discovered a 'Fast, Cheap, & Easy' TM way to make realistic bird nests!

one day while weeding some flowerbeds,
i grabbed a handful of [dead] daylily foliage right outta' the ground. just yanked it up.
it was in my hand and i looked at it, and then...
 i held onto one end, and wrapped the length of it around my hand a few times.
when i got to the other end, i tucked it into the wound-up stuff.
[don't you love the technical terms i use?!]
and even though it sort of looked like a donut,
i thought 'yep, it looks like a nest!'
... and i carried it inside and sat it in the bowl you see in the photo above.

i added some vintage fabric flowers and a ceramic bird, and three white stones as 'eggs'.
nothin' fancy. i liked the way it looked.
 so i went outside and i made more!
[my flowerbeds were SO clean when i was done...]

and when i later decided to make these nests to SELL, i added stuff to the nests:

 * papier mache' eggs sit on a bit of moss glued to the nest as a bottom,
accented by a strip of vintage sheet music and a tiny dried stock blossom.

* a bed of moss holds a nest and a faux bird inside an armillary sphere lamp base
*a small nest sits atop a pedestal bowl, topped with another faux bird and a clear glass lamp globe

* miniscule nests sit inside glass salt cellars, adorned with vintage fabric millinery flowers and book clippings
[these would be fabulous place markers at an Easter table!]

* i've also used the bitsy ones as adornments on packages
[as seen in holiday issues of 
Creating Vintage Charm & FOLK Magazines]

* a HUGE nest in a display at a vintage show holds pretty lemons from the nearby trees,
covered with a rusted wire garden planter as a 'dome'
[this nest started out much neater.. it was handled a LOT that day!]

you can do this! 
try it using raffia. or field grass. or beach grass.
or daylily foliage. i've even used daffodil foliage.
 and my flowerbeds? they have never looked better! ;)

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  1. So cute- that little nest you created. I have yet to see a real hummer's nest here yet. The last nest looks like the ones the mourning doves make...they are kind of a large "scattery" nest. Have a great day- xo Diana


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