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Go to Where it's Spring!

it's been said that 
"If Spring won't come to you, 
then GO to where it's SPRING!"

since so many of us are SO READY for Spring,

 I thought this might just be the perfect time to share some inspiration...
last Spring, my sister and I took a short trip.
[i'll share where at the end of this post-
and it's not where you expect from these images!]
while there, we viewed enchanting outdoor scenes of a windmill, bike, and boat...
we also saw these very happy daffs and bees.
these oversized sculptures of daffodils were @15 feet tall!
it felt very 'Alice in Wonderland'-like to be standing beneath them.
those 'Bumble Bees' were made of chrysanthemums, making the bees look fuzzy!
[the bees were as big as three people]

 and then...
I was stunned to walk around a corner and see this floral masterpiece...
the 'painting' on the easel was approximately 10 feet wide and five feet tall!
[The easel itself was ten feet tall or more!]

This was created entirely from flowers, to replicate Claude Monet's
'Fisherman's House at Vargentville'
Above is an up-close detail shot of the floral painting...
I love the texture and the way that they have captured 
Monet's impressionist paint strokes using flower petals.  
Amazingly creative! 

Below is an image of the actual painting by Monet:
[ image found on www.canvaz.com ]

 these beautiful floral creations were not found outdoors.
nor were they at a flower & garden show.

they were inside the atrium at 
the Bellagio Hotel in LAS VEGAS!

you just never know where you are going to find inspiration, 
so keep your eyes open for beauty like this in unusual places...
large resorts & hotels, flower farms, and home & garden shows
are all possibilities!

Spring is out there. Go find it!

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  1. Oh- How I wish I had someplace like that to go visit! xo Diana