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Looking For a Sign?

old signs are a hot decor item - always have been, really
and there are so many ways to make them.
one easy way to get a lot of detail in your signs is to use old wood headboards!

there are many shapes and sizes to be found, some very detailed with carved edges,
and the detailed posts add even more charm.

the sign above is made from a twin-size headboard.
it was stripped and sanded down, then hand painted with simple acrylic paints. 
hooks were added to the tops of the posts for hanging.

another headboard was found with peeling wood veneer..
the veneer was removed and the wood sanded down to its raw state.
washes of thinned-down white house paint were used on the ogee-routed edge and for the letters.
the letters have a translucent shadow that allows the wood grain to come through.
[this method makes the sign look older and worn]

another sign was made in much the same way,
with lettering creating a seed company logo:

i do my own freehand lettering, 
but stencils or decals could certainly be used!

as i was preparing this post, a serendipitous 'meeting of the minds' occurred:
this past weekend, i attended The Vintage Marketplace antique & vintage show in Rainbow, California.
show hosts/producers Rita Reade and Christie Repasy 
used an old wood headboard to create a new sign for the entrance to their show...

Christie added her famous painterly touches to the piece
once put into place at the entry to the show, 
propped with spring accessories and flowering plants,
the sign becomes a perfect harbinger of Spring...

even the smallest bed pieces can be re-purposed: 
here, twin-sized footboards are transformed into vintage signs

and even the bed posts can be re-used as sculptural pieces:
many thanks to Rita Reade and Christie Repasy, 
for granting permission to use their photos of their Vintage Marketplace sign

shared online:

Saturday Night Special #178 | Funky Junk Interiors


  1. Those signs are ALL amazing! I love them. When we move I need a "house sign" to name my home after the move....xo Diana

  2. Thank you Deb for sharing! Love your post. Ciao Rita

  3. Love these, Deb. I need to try some of this as directional signs at the nursery. I'll post some pictures when I get them done. You are ALWAYS the best source for merchandising. Thanks.

    P.S. I just started a new blog for the 'seasonal decorating' area of the nursery. I don't see that my clients are going to want to check out the hardscape portfolio pictures from the nurseries' blog.

  4. we are lucky enough to live just up the road ....I DID get to see the fabulous entry you commented on --- it was pretty amazing. This was a VERY fun post Deb!

  5. What a gorgeous sign. Your freehand skills are amazing!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas