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$4 Spring Wreath Makeover!

Springtime! it's time to break out the greens and yellows...
last fall, i shared a few quick tips for a wreath makeover here

why not re-visit that idea for spring?!

you can find wreaths for next to nothing at thrift shops,
but you probably have one shoved on a shelf somewhere in your garage, right?
it's dusty and maybe some of the flowers are missing...
but for less than $5, you can give a wreath a fresh new look for spring!

this wreath actually had pink roses on it when i found it
[languishing on a hook in the garage, behind the washer...]
but the roses were faded and just didn't seem very 'fresh'. so i pulled them off.
some yellow fake mums from a nearby bunch were easily popped onto 
some of the stems that the roses had been on.

if the roses hadn't been faded, i'd have left them on
and then gone on to the next step:

two bunches of fake daffodils from the dollar store ($1 each) got the same treatment - 
pull off the flower heads and pop them onto the stems already attached to the wreath.
[of course you can just shove the daffodil stems into the wreath, too,
just like we did with the fall leaves in the tutorial here]

a small piece of wire holds a cute little pair of green polka-dot garden gloves ($1) 
and a packet of seeds (4 for $1) - you could do more than one packet,too!

the dollar store usually also has small metal watering cans,
small clay pots, and metal gardening tools
that could be wired onto the wreath, as well...

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  1. That is adorable! I'm going to head to the Dollar Tree this weekend! Take care, Deb! Hugs, Meghan