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did you just call me fast, cheap and easy?!

what seasonal decorating is to me....
it's recognizing and celebrating and enjoying 
the changes of the world around us each season
and reflecting those changes in our rooms.

in fall, it's turning the sofa toward the fireplace and putting down rugs,
capitalizing on that golden light that pours through the windows,
surrounding ourselves with coziness in knit blankets and pillows, 
and bringing the beauty of the season inside.

in summer, it's baring the floors and windows,
lightening up the color scheme, and 
bringing in touches of the beach or the garden (wherever you love to vacation)
so that you bring that relaxing 'getaway' feeling HOME to enjoy every. single. day.

i'm not advocating a whole-room paint job here, just a little detail work.
[all husbands can breathe easier now!]
there are so many things you can do to change, update, and freshen up your rooms
so that they reflect seasonal changes... really simple, affordable, and easy things...
using materials you already have (stuffed in the attic and garage and cabinets)
or can pick up inexpensively at thrift shops and garage sales.
or for free on the side of the road.
yes, really!

i call this my trademark 'fast cheap & easy'TM decorating theory
(which i have shared in my seminars at retail trade shows and published articles for over a decade)
i don't mind being called that, either, as long as it pertains to DECORATING. ;0)

and here on HOMEWARDfound Decor,
i'm going to be sharing all of my tips & tricks with you
all year 'round, 
to inspire your own Seasonal Style at Home !

thanks for joining me! 

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