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Inspiration: Down Home Displays

 this past week i was at DOWN HOME American Country Antiques in Orange, California
shooting a story for FOLK Magazine's Holiday issue (November 2012)

there were SO many inspiring autumn display and decor ideas in the store
i found myself spinning around in circles to take it all in and photograph it!
i just had to share a few of my photos with you
(just the ones that won't be included in the magazine story)

the creative owners and dealers at this shop REALLY go above and beyond 
with their vignettes, themes, details, and presentation  - 
and the great part is you can find totally usable ideas that are easy to replicate in your home!

case in point, that wall o' crates shown in the photo up above. 
really, how much more simple can you get?
the interest is in the fact that the crates are all different sizes, filled with simple yet beautiful items.
wood crates, wire crates, wooden dresser drawers... use anything!

and then there's that metal SINK. be still my heart.
what a great idea - hang up an old metal washbasin or sink on the wall 
as a place to display seasonal decor.
it's an idea that would work perfectly on a big front porch, too...
 a picturesque gathering of gourds and pumpkins, bittersweet vines and leaves
fills an old metal wagon on top of a huge wood harvest table.
amazingly detailed and painted canvas pumpkins, made by hand - 
and i LOVE the old metal bread rack display fixture!
vintage Halloween collectables are one of the hottest items around, 
and this store has more of them in one place that i have ever seen.
look at this charming party scene using vintage items...
 i know it gives ME some great ideas! how about you?

 the two ladies who created this sweet display AND the canvas pumpkins 
won the award for  'Best Fall Theme Booth Display' - 
voted on by their fellow dealers! well done, girls!

in a spooky dusty corner of the shop, you'll find a mad scientist's lab!
creepy and gothic apothecary jars filled with specimens, 
dusty old books and yellowed photos and even a gargoyle...
if there can be a style called 'shabby chic', then THIS has to be called 'creepy chic'!

 the store completely changes with every season, 
so no matter when you visit, you'll find new delights around every decorated corner!
[and i haven't even shown you the best stuff here, because those photos are going into the magazine]

thank you, owners peggy and don arbenz for your time,
and for letting me take 245 photos of your beautiful store!

Down Home American Country Antiques
 200 East Chapman Avenue  Orange, CA 92866


  1. What an amazing place! I love it when stores (antique) really promote the seasons and do fun and attractive displays. Really keeps the customers coming back to see what's new...antique stores around here could take a lesson!

  2. I just adore that wall of crates!

    I'd give anything to be able to hang with you for a week, what FUN we would have!