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Fall Porch Decor . Part 2

 here are a few more 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' [TM] ideas 
for using utilitarian items from your garden shed as decor props...

think about how the big stuff can be used to HOLD other items:

In these photos, an old metal toolbox holds Boy Scout aluminum camp plates & canteens.
a metal bicycle basket holds decorative apples 
[these are good looking FAKES from Dollar Tree, too!]
 tiny little galvanized pails [Dollar Tree again] hold candles
a galvanized bucket that you can't see holds branches
[free - they fell out of the huge tree during a windstorm]
a square metal storage box stands on end, to hold up two more candles
a rusty old galvanized washtub hangs on the wall like ART
 details like a sun-bleached bouquet of really old fabric roses from the thrift store
a wooden clipboard and the old wooden ice cream maker bucket
add another layer of color and visual interest to the grouping.

this fall vignette was created in about half an hour 
on a table made from an old door that sat on my back patio
it worked as a buffet / server during parties, and was a great place for a visual treat
that could be enjoyed every day.
and it made it SUPER easy to set up for a party or dinner outdoors!

the best part? 
all of this stuff can stay out in the weather and it will only make them look BETTER!



  1. oh I soooo love your style..love this fall look..very warm and rich and inviting...come do mine..(if I whine enough) will you?

  2. Love these ideas! You're so talented. Thanks:)

  3. Wonderful ideas for Fall. I am digging my Fall stuff out this week- xo Diana