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A Christmas Mystery!

Two weeks ago, I went out to get the mail - and discovered a surprise on the front step:
It was a large ziplock bag, filled with what at first glance appeared to be Fourth of July Sparklers.
with a thrift store price tag on the bag.

On closer inspection, I realized that they were not sparklers after all - 
but vintage Christmas decor parts!
They are old metal branches, 
covered in a heavy coat of thick black and silver German glass glitter!

I'm pretty sure that I have seen these in antique stores, assembled into trees
by inserting each branch into an upright metal 'trunk' with holes in it.
But of course I can't find an image of that online to show you :/

In ANY case, as soon as I realized what they were, 
I set to work adding them to my Christmas decor here at HOMEWARDfound Headquarters!
I simply stuck them into the diminutive white tabletop tree that I have
their bold, dark forms stand out against the white perfectly,
and the extra length of each branch allowed me to hang more ornaments on my little tree:

These ornaments are truly vintage, collected over the years.
I adore their tarnished silver/gold hues...
Mixed with modern crystal snowflakes, circa 1970 thread-wrapped balls, 1950's glittered balls,
a half-dozen wire stars from the late 1800's, and some of my hoard of pure white candycanes,
the old ornaments add depth and interest to a tree created in a limited and pale neutral palette.

Every single ornament stands out - just the way I like it!
The tree topper is a combination of elements
 centered around a tall glass figural spire from the 1960's that I've had for years.
It has a very long 'stem', and I don't like how it looks on a tree.
So I always 'hide' the stem with other things, grouped together.
Here, I used one of my original wire 'Junk Princess' crowns,
some old seam binding ribbon, and a few large crystal snowflakes...
it sparkles and shines and glimmers in the light.

About those vintage tree branches:

I've checked with my parents, and with several neighbors.
No one admits to leaving the bag on the front steps.
I have NO IDEA where it came from...
it's a Christmas Mystery!

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