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Perfectly Imperfect

This is so easy it's ridiculous...
but that's the best part!
Because whether you have old fall decor pieces that have lost their appeal
or you ran across a steal of a deal at the thrift shop,
paint covers a multitude of sins... and a whole lotta' UGLY.

Like, um, those badly-painted ceramic pumpkins in the 'before' shot.
Sorry, but those be UGLY!
But at a buck each, I couldn't pass them up. I have a weakness for a bargain.

My PLAN was to paint them to look like galvanized metal.
Great idea - but I am just really short on time right now.
They sat on the floor in my studio (see before shot, again) for two weeks,
staring at me as if they were demanding to be 'fixed'. 
One day, I'd had it. I was really sick of looking at them.
So I went to the garage, grabbed a can of semi-gloss white paint, 
and slapped two coats of paint onto the pumpkins.

LO and BEHOLD: fall decor  - that looks like I just got it at HomeGoods or Target!

I just used some leftover trim paint. Not a new can of spray paint.
(tho if I had HAD a can of that, I probably would have used it instead).
Craft paint would work, too - heck, FINGER paint would work!

The thing is, it's not perfect. 
I can see the imperfections and bumps from the OLD paint job,
and the brush marks from my 'slap-dash' paint application.
However, I.DON'T.CARE!

Once those freshly-rejuvenated babies were put into a display in my entry,
the flaws aren't apparent at ALL. They look absolutely FABulous there:

... and that's a lesson I apply to life, as well as decorating:

Nothing's ever going to be perfect. 
But it can still be fabulous when we make the most of it.

I'm far from perfect or flawless, and most of my projects and decor aren't, either!
I'm not in this to impress anyone or monetize my blog, 
but to share and inspire you to just TRY your hand at new things.
It's probably not gonna' turn out perfectly.... 
but if you don't tell anyone, they probably won't notice anyway!

So, dear readers, dig out the ugly decor stuff you're hiding
and give it a simple coat of white or black or neon orange paint - 
because sometimes you can make a big change in just five minutes.

PS: read the story of 'Jack', my other white-painted ceramic pumpkin

One last thing:
Thank you to the lovely ladies who ordered pumpkins yesterday...
I appreciate your enthusiasm and support over the years, 
and am happy that you were able to snag the last of the Originals!
Bless you all <3 

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