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My BEST Christmas Tree Lighting Tip!

When it comes to lighting the Christmas tree at home, I'm a purist...
I like white lights: Mini, C7, C9, bubble, whatever kind I use, they are white.
Maybe you like multicolor - or ONE color! Whatever your preference is, 
I have a tip for you when it comes to lighting the tree
(and how many of you are tackling THAT job this weekend?!)
that is guaranteed to up the sparkle factor!

continue reading to see what my ONE STEP TRICK is!

All you need for this is one EXTRA strand of mini lights to match the color of lights on your tree.

You're going to take that one strand - if it's long, double it over like I did in the photos here - 
and run it up the front of the trunk of the tree.
If your tree can be viewed from multiple sides, run THREE strands up three sides of the trunk instead.
Start at the bottom, and work the strand of lights between the inner branches as far up as you can... you don't have to go all the way to the top, 
since the lights on the branches sit closer together there.

PS: make SURE that the plug is on the end closest to the floor!

Attach the top of the strand to the trunk with a zip tie or wire, to hold it in place.
Because it runs right up the trunk, 
you can add this strand of lights before or after you light the rest of the tree.

And once you plug it in...
...the extra lights glow deep INSIDE the tree branches,  getting rid of dark shadows and 'holes'!
Once you hang your ornaments on it, the extra light will make them sparkle and shine
even more than they usually do!

I've used this simple trick for over 20 years on trees that I have decorated 
in retail stores & windows, in wineries, and in executive residences... 
and everyone comments on how bright they are!
I'll be spending my Thanksgiving weekend decorating our trees and the house,
though when I look at this photo of the big new tree in the living room, 
I'm not sure it even needs anything but the lights.....